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WAKTUNONTON.com is just an ordinary blog or media website for sharing about film and TV series. We share reviews and spoilers for the one who want them so much. But the way we deliver it to way would be extraordinary. We write any review with honest and respect to the creators. We know sharing spoilers are not good. It decrease the curiosity from people who really want to watch it. But, it is not always that bad. We share spoilers because we know that there are many people who think very carefully before spending their money for a movie they didn’t watch before. If you feel the same thing, WAKTUNONTON.com is suitable for you.Also, WAKTUNONTON.com does not only contain reviews and spoilers, but also some interesting things under Behind The Scene. Every unique opinion, we write it under this category. Funny dialogue, or important life lesson from movie can be found right there.Also, we respect someone’s works. We’ll never copy and paste a press release and call it ours. It’s a big NO. We try very hard to credit pictures and video we used in our posts. But, nothing’s perfect in this world. So, We appreciate if you will contact us when you think we do not credit things well.DISCLAIMERWe will post three times a week, on Monday, on Wednesday and on Friday. We will publish at least one article in those days. Our writings are based our reviewer’s personal opinion. Reviews do not represent anyone or any organization but the reviewer. Waktu Nonton & Team Office Address:L’Avenue Building, 5th FloorJl. Raya Pasar Minggu No. 16Jakarta Selatan 12780 – INDONESIAPhone: +62878112408768