King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, The Alternate Story of Legendary King Arthur

king arthur legend of the sword

Early on in his career, Guy Ritchie took rough-and-tumble streetwise hoodlums and elevated them to hero status. Now, he does the opposite, taking high-class literary heroes and plunging them down to gutter level. The idea, one supposes, is to make these lofty cultural icons into relatable underdogs, but the effect is akin to slander. If there ever had been a real Sherlock or Arthur, they would surely be horrified to see themselves depicted as such commonplace thugs. Now Guy Ritchie is the one behind King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which has thrown out nearly all preexisting Arthurian notions we all know.

The film starts in a war between Mordred, an iron fisted warlock, and siege of Camelot. King of Britons bring England to victory but later his brother, Vortigern, betray the king. He even sacrifice his wife to sea witches to summon a demon knight. Vortigern then kills Uther and his wife but the son can escape to Londinium. The prostitutes find and rises the son who get the name “Arthur”. Arthur grows to be a skilled fighter and lead the street with his friends Tristan and Backlack. One day, they confront a group of Viking, led by Kjartan, that is protected by the King. However, since they mistreated the women in his area, Arthur attacked them eventually. Blacklegs, Vortigern’s minions, want to capture him but he could escape with the favor of his friends. But, he ended up in the ship that went to near Vortigern’s castle. He learned that he and other men are there to because of the a magical and powerful sword has mysteriously appeared. Arthur tries to pull the sword and successfully do it. But the power of the sword make him passed out. Vortigern then meet Arthur in person and reveal that Arthur’s true lineage. In other place, a female mage, told Uther’s former general, Sir Bedivere, that she is an acolyte of Merlin.

king arthur legend of the sword
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Back to Vortigern and Arthur, the king planned to execute Arthur to embrace his power over the his people. Luckily, the mage and Bedivere’s men, Percival and Rubio save and take him to Bedivere’s hideout. Bedivere helps Arthur for a reason: to defeat the king. Arthur refuses to help him because he always passed out when using the legendary sword. The mage reveals that Arthur is lacking of willpower. Mage and Bedivere then take Arthur to the “Darklands” to gain his confidence and reveal the truth of his nightmare. There, Arthur also learns that Vortigern was responsible for his parents’ death. Not only that, the people will be suffered if Vortigern keep lead the country. Arthur asks his people to go out the hideout and plan to attack the king in Londonium. The attack does not go as planned, Rubio is captured while Backlack is severely wounded and left behind. Afterwards, Arthur throws the sword into a lake because he is failed to save his friends. However, Lady of the Lake give the sword back to him. She convinces Arthur that he is the one who can stop his uncle. Arthur reunites with Bedivere, George, and Percival but people in the rebel hideout are all dead. Bedivere came to the king while bringing the sword. Days later, Arthur is surrendering himself for the exchange of Blue. Fortunately, the Mage summoned a giant snake and Arthur’s people start taking down the castle. A desperate Vortigern sacrifices his only daughter and is transformed into the demon knight, confronting Arthur in a separate dimension. Arthur is quickly beaten but at the end, he can defeat and kill his uncle.


I think the rating 28% from Rotten Tomatoes is too low for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. I really like the unconventional camera angles. They are just like having an action cam recording in a pursuit. For some people, the method maybe uncomfortable but it works well for me. The story is also not bad. It takes me into a different universe of the well-known King Arthur and Camelot. I really like when Arthur told a story to Blackleg. It reminds me of how Luis do storytelling in Ant-Man. But, the plot is not free from plot hole. The pace is also too fast. I recommend you to stay focus to keep up with the story.

Directors : Guy Ritchie
Producers : Akiva Goldsman, Joby Harold, Tory Tunnell, Steve Clark-Hall, Guy Ritchie, Lionel Wigram
Writers : Joby Harold, Guy Ritchie, Lionel Wigram
Starring : Charlie Hunnam, Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, Djimon Hounsou , Aidan Gillen, Jude Law, Eric Bana

Overall Rating : 4.1 of 5

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