My Little Baby, Jaya: Revenge of the Bullied Victims

my little baby jays

School life is full of story and drama ready to be filmed. After we have Fist Fight and Middle School: Worst Year of My Life, there is one coming from South Korea. The title is My Little Baby, Jaya. If you just hear the title, you might think that the movie will like other South Korean School drama. A poor woman meets a rich handsome man. After series of sweet bitter scenes, the two would live happily ever after. If you expect this, you are very wrong. Never expect a happy ending because good ending is not necessarily happy. Of course, there would be cute Korean young woman there but the story will not be sweet after all. Believe me.

The film start with the death of a young woman. Her name is Jaya. After that, the flashback told a story of father-daughter relationship. A father with cerebral palsy, Won-Sool, got acceptance letter from Dohwa High School in Seoul. This is a prominent high school that is well-known with its choir. In the first day of school, Jaya impresses her teacher, classmates and the leader of Choir club, Yoo Jeung Seonbae. But, she eventually just make an enemy, Hye Seon. Fortunately, she makes friend with Min Kyeong. The two starts spending time together. They are very close, even Min Kyeong knows that Jaya’s father isn’t normal. However, in a choir camp in the suburb, Jaya is pretending to be a rich person. It makes Seonbae to be more aggressive in getting close with her. In a very morning, he and Jaya even have sex, but Bo Ra know and record it. As a friend, Bo Ra tell the truth to Hye Seon. Hye Seon got very angry with Jaya and after that, Jaya’s life will always be in trouble.

my little baby jaya
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Hye Seon tell to Seonbae that Jaya’s father is not normal. She does not even have money because her father is just selling underwear on the street. Knowing that, Seonbae looks Jaya like a garbage. He even comes to Jaya’s home and torture her with a cigarette. Jaya knows that Hye Seon is behind this. She asks Hye Seon to let her alone but Hye Seon keeps making fun of Won-Sool. Jaya lost control and attack Hye Seon but the entire school let her down. Min Kyeong can’t help Jaya because she is powerless in front of Hye Seon. Jaya, with the help from Sajang-Nim, decides to file a report to Korean Education Ministry. She reports the bullying happen in Dohwa High School. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop Hye Seon and Seonbae to torture her. They got more crazier than before. Seonbae’s friends raping her and Hye Seon forces her to be a prostitute. All of the pain push Jaya to commit suicide but before her death, she writes what actually happen in a diary. Sajang-Nim finds that diary and gives it to Won-Sool. Won-Sool realize that cops are useless to bring justice for her daugther. Thus, he decides to get revenge on his daughter’s tormentors.


At first, I think My Little Baby, Jay would be like Miracle in Cell No. 7. It would be a story full of tear. Well, it is true, at least for almost half of the plot. The other half, I regularly scream “fuck you, bullies!!” I can say, the story is amazing. There is love, tear and anger in 2-hour duration. Jaya can take me to the way she fights for pride and respect. In the other way, Won-Sool make me realize that a father can do nearly anything for his kid. He even perfectly portray a man with cerebral palsy, something that I know very difficult to do. Overall, this is a good film that will tell you that bullies are our true enemy.

Directors : Yun Hak-Ryeol
Producers : Lee Hyang-Chul
Writers : Yun Hak-Ryeol, Kim Yeon-Ho
Starring : Kim Jung-Kyoon, Oh Ye-Sul, Hwang Do-Won, Kim Saet-Byul

Overall Rating : 4.4 of 5

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