Chips: Michael Pena Saves the Messy Plot


Ant-Man shows us that a sidekick is as important as the hero. In the film, Luis (Michael Pena) successfully steal the show with his funny storytelling techniques. We all love Luis and that’s why, Michael Pena is now quite popular to be the main protagonist. One film that feature him as the “hero” is CHiPs, or California Highway Patrol. This film does not bring his funny side or his storytelling. He is now an undercover agent. But, do not expect something serious in his film. His jokes is still works and even being the saviors of the not-so-good film.

The films starts when an FBI agent name Castillo goes undercover to arrest bank robbers. He pretends to be a driver to get a revenge of his partner. At the same time, a former motocross rider, Jon Baker, graduates from California Highway Patrol on a probationary basis. He is now a rookie motorcycle officer after the accident during his last race. He is on a regimen of pain killers and is living in the guest house. The two somehow met at California Highway Patrol training center. Castillo, once again is in undercover mission, has to team up with Baker. He uses the fake identity, Frank “Ponch” Poncherello, to infiltrate and investigate the  corruption in his department. Unfortunately, Jon Baker is very inexperience to help even understand his investigation. He keeps messed up the situation just because he wants to look cool in front of his wife, Karen Baker.

The bad-ass duo never look back to explosions via

Frank finally can have a lead related with the corrupt officers. The mastermind is actually Lt. Ray Kurtz. He is is stealing the money from armored cars to get his heroin-addicted son out of Los Angeles. Once again, Baker fucked up the investigation. FBI then fire Frank because he ruins the other agent’s investigation and make the suspect killed. But, Frank and Jon know the dead suspect. He is Raymond Reed Kurtz Jr, the son of Lt. Ray Kurtz. Unfortunately for them, the lieutenant demand a revenge over his son. He sets a trap for them by kidnapping Baker’s wife. Jon knows it is a trap and asks Frank to go anyway. Frank refuses it and go with Jon to save the a woman despite the fact that she has just sold Jon’s home without his approval. The lieutenant got help from another female officer, Lindsey Taylor. However, the duo can beat them up and kill Kurtz. After that case, Frank decides to remain in the CHiP with his partner, Jon.


As a action-comedy movie, CHips is not really funny. Some jokes works well but most of the time, they are failed to make me laugh. There are many plot holes, maybe because of the editing and the duration. The overall story is just messy. I don’t know, I think there are two stories here but the flow from one story to another is not smooth. Like there are something to be there to channel them. You can even say it is just a vulgar film with cops corruption. And that’s it, my impression is minimal for this film.

Directors : Dax Shepard
Producers: Andrew Panay, Ravi Mehta
Writers : Dax Shepard
Starring : Dax Shepard, Michael Peña, Rosa Salazar, Adam Brody, Richard T. Jones, Kristen Bell, Vincent D’Onofrio

Overall Rating : 2.8 of 5

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