Transformers: The Last Knight, Unicron is Earth’s Another Name

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Believe it or not, Transformers, in its live action movie iteration, is now ten years old. For its first hour at least, there was something human, relatable and — whisper it — charming in Michael Bay’s original, a boy (Shia LaBeouf) who loved his car (Bumblebee) and wanted the unattainable girl (Megan Fox). Now fifth time out, the knack of coming up with anything so simple and likeable has eluded Bay. As in Revenge of The FallenDark of The Moon and Age of Extinction, and the latest installment, Transformers: The Last Knight is bogged down in backstory, lacks a real feel for its characters and still can’t find a way to make its robot-on-robot action exhilarating.

The film start with the iconic war of King Arthur in 484 AD. The King Arthur’s wizard Merlin, then make  an alliance with the Knights of Iacon, a group of 12 Transformers knights. The knights give Merlin an alien staff, and combine into a dragon to help Arthur triumph over the Saxons. Years later, Transformers are illegal on earth. Government alliances found multinational Transformer Reaction Force (TRF). That organization is to eliminate the robots coming into earth regularly. The newest is arriving  in crash-lands in Chicago. Unfortunately, the children are there and TRF robot confront the kids. Young woman, Izabella, saves them with her companions Sqweeks. Cade Yaeger and Bumblebee come to help the kids and also to save new Transformer, Steelbane. In the last momen, Steelbane gives metallic talisman to Yeager. Far, far away, Optimus Prime is still searching for his creators. He ends up in destroyed Cybertron, which is also heading to earth. A sorceress Quintessa welcomes him with the fact that earth is actually Unicron, Cybertron’s ancient enemy. She makes Optimus Prime under her control to fight human being.

transformers the last knight
Bumblebee is more bad-ass in The Last Knight via

On earth, TRF release Megatron and Decepticon because TRF is interested in Yeager’s metal talisman. Cade Yeager, Izabella and Jimmy has to escape from Decepticon and TRF team-up. They are then saved by a transformer butler Cogman, in the order of British Lord Sir Edmund Burton. Cogman takes Yeager and Bumblebee to England to meet his master and an Oxford professor Viviane Wembly. Together, the three should prevent the impending destruction of Earth by Cybertron. First thing to do, they must find tomb of Merlin and the staff. Viviane activates the staff and the ancient ship rises to the surface. Optimus Prime is coming but he is now “Nemesis Prime”. Bumblebee fights him and break Quintessa’s control over Optimus. The knights attack Optimus for his betrayal, but Yeager, whose talisman becomes the sword Excalibur, stops the fight. Realizing he is actually the last knight. Quintessa, with the help of Decepticon and Megatron, begin draining the life force of Earth/Unicron via Stonehenge. US military forces and Autobots team up to save the world once again.


Even when Rotten Tomatoes, professional film critics or whatever give Transformer: The Last Knight negative reviews, I am still interested to watch it. The scale of the story is expanding, earth is now the home of all Autobots. The action scenes are amazing as always, explosions are everywhere, and the slow-motion makes it more dramatic. But, it is too repetitive. A sexy woman saves the world, not-so-funny jokes and editing are the problem. I don’t know, making Optimus into Nemesis Prime is a good idea. But, the resolution is to easy. I think it would be much better is The Last Knight focus on Isabella instead of Viviane Wembley. She can steal the show the Laura did in Logan.

Directors : Michael Bay
Producers : Don Murphy, Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce
Writers : Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Ken Nolan
Starring : Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Hopkins

Overall Rating: 3.9 of 5

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