4 Comedy Movies You Have to See in Summer 2017


Making the 2017 Summer comedies stand out is the eclectic nature of the releases. There’s tales of Cars trying to show their worth, a Rough Night that would test even Wonder Woman, and a film about the life of an emoji. This doesn’t even look at the cutting satire of comedies like War Machine, the screwball tinged The House, and the raw and visceral laughs in a movie like Girls Trip or Rough Night.

o cast aside your worries and anxieties for a few minutes and enjoy this 2017 summer comedy list we compiled with a little help from our friends over at The Numbers. Some of these films might be up your ally. Others might not be. However, like all cinema, comedy is relative and these are all the summer comedies you’ve got to see!

Folk Hero & Funny Guy

Folk Hero & Funny Guy
Folk Hero & Funny Guy via thr.com

With a title like that this movie has to be on your comedy must list, right? Starring Alex Karpovsky (Girls) and Wyatt Russell (Everybody Wants Some), this film follows a successful singer-songwriter who hatches a plan to help his friend’s struggling comedy career and broken love life by hiring him as his opening act on his solo tour. As you can guess, hilarity ensues with this mismatched team. While not one of the bigger summer comedies, Folk Hero & Funny Guy is the kind of film that probably won’t make too much of a splash in theaters (though it could!).

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul via themalaymailonline.com

On the face of it, Diary of a Wimpy Kid might seem like a straight up kid’s film. However, this whimsical tale, based on the supercool tales from Wimpy Kid creator Jeff Kinney, really is for adults and kids. The story this time is that Greg Heffley really wants to attend a video game convention. So, rather than just being direct with his parents, Greg dupes them into thinking he wants to go to his Grandma’s 90th birthday. Well, for the venerable Greg Heffley nothing ever goes as planned and that is again the case here. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies are a necessary ingredient for any comedic summer. With their nods to both the past and present, these films are just as cool as their main character thinks they are.


Baywatch via variety.com

Alright…There are movies that are trying to be something and there are movies that don’t care what they are. Baywatch seems to be both and this 2017 summer comedy appears like its fitting quite well into both camps. Baywatch follows lifeguard Mitch Buchanan (Dwayne Johnson) as he butts heads with brash new recruit Matt Brody (Zac Efron). However, the beach is the top priority and these two have to band together to stop a criminal plot that threatens the Bay! For all intents and purposes, this film could very well be an action/comedy. With all the explosions, hotties, and cool beach scenes being thrown around in the trailers, something tells us that this won’t be our first trip to the Bay!

War Machine

war machine
War Machine via comingsoon.net

Netflix starts the summer right with this “absurdist war story” that stars none other than Brad Pitt. Written by David Michod this film is a darkly comic look at war and all the various factors that go into its presentation. Brad Pitt plays General Glen McMahon. He is a successful four-star general who rushes in to command NATO forces in Afghanistan. However, war coverage is different now and McMahon ends up tangling with a journalist who plays just as hard as he does. At a time when the US is flexing its muscles abroad in Syria and possibly even North Korea (heck, we might even be beefing with Russia), War Machine is an important film. With its up to date, 2017 comedy outlook, and it’s ability to be seen on Netflix’s ubiquitous streaming platform, something tells me that War Machine might just be the most seen comedy this summer.

From all the films on the list, What do you gonna see soon?

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