Stip & Pensil: This is What Happen when Bullying Combined with Social Gap Issue

stip & pensil

Film is a medium of expression. It is not just to entertain but sometimes to tell something important enough to know. Like poverty or bully. For people like us, we are not aware about it because they are boring topic. They are truly important but yeah just boring. A film can make them more interesting. Stip & Pensil successfully did it. The film is basically a comedy, but the story is deep. It wants us to recognize the world that we never know. Stip & Pensil wants us to take care of other people.

The story revolves around 4 best friends named Toni, Aghi, Bubu, Saras. They are very rich students, at least if they are compared with their other friends. They like to do something unexpectedly annoying. In a school drama, where Bubu leads the the show, Toni, Aghi dan Saras screwed up the stage and do hip-hop dance to save the audience from the boredom. The principal thinks what they do is inappropriate and He disbanded the four from all school activities. Not only that, Edwin and his “smart” friends bully them because Toni, Aghi, Bubu, Saras always mess up everything. One day, Pak Adam announces that would be a national essay competition. Tony thinks that is the way to prove that they are not what other think they are. But Toni, Aghi, Bubu, Saras got stuck finding the cool topic until the boy named Ucok showed up.

stip & pensil
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Because of Ucok, Toni and his friends know Pak Toro, Mak Rambe and other poor and homeless people under the flyover. Toni, Aghi, Bubu, Saras just realize that there is another life in the dark side of Jakarta. Since then, the four decide that their essay would talk about emergency school, a school for street children. More than that, Toni, Aghi, Bubu, Saras do beyond expectation by building an actual school for Ucok and his friends. But, the new problems arise. The skepticism around them is still there. Edwin underestimates what they have done. All of school stuffs are stolen and local government that evict the village are making them so stressful. Along the way, their purpose changes. Winning the essay is not their priority but helping the children is. Toni, Aghi, Bubu, Saras give an explanation why people should relocate their homes to the new place. There, people give them a special room for school. More than that, Edwin, Pak Toro and other friends help them to teach the unfortunate children like Ucok.


I have to admit that the story is well-scripted. Combining bully, eviction and social issue with comedy is a very hard job. But, Stip & Pensil done it already. The jokes are fresh and absolutely funny. Remember how Tony drink the tea in Pak Toro’s terrace? Or “Harian Jakarta Weekly”? If those are not funny, I do not what they should be called. The film also can make the eviction scene very enjoyable. But, I think the film is too patronizing. Some lines seems not natural because the film want to show the good things to do regardless the situation is. The plot also has some problems to fix. I do not know, it may be because of the editing, but some scenes are not related with the main story. Remember how Koh Salim meet his son after graduating from US? If the scene is cut off, the story will run smoother I think.

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