Gifted: Let Very Genius Child be A Child


Everyone wants her/himself to be smarter than she or she used to be. That’s the reason why education costs is getting higher and higher. But, there are some us are lucky enough to be very smart from the ground up. They have not only talents but a gift, exceptional gift that make them much above average people. Children with such talent and gift usually have abnormal life. They don’t play PS4 or XBOX One, but they solve super hard math or physics problems.  Those are exactly what Mary Adler feel during her childhood in Gifted. Lucky her, she has Uncle Frank that take her as a normal child, not a prodigy.

The story revolves around Mary Adler, a seven-year-old girl with exceptional mathematical talent. She lives with her uncle, Frank Adler in a small town in Florida. In her first day in school, she impresses her teacher Bonnie Stevenson with her “giftedness” with number. She is a genius, and it makes her act like an adult. The principal offers her a scholarship to a private school for gifted children. But, Frank turns it down for a reason. His sister experience teaches him to not let Mary takes the scholarship. He wants her to have a childhood like a normal kids. His decision disappoint Evelyn Adler, a mathematician and the grandmother of Mary. Instead, she wants Mary to continue her mother’s work, Diane.

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Diane was a promising mathematician. She dedicated her life to solve very difficult Navier–Stokes problem (one of the unsolved Millennium Prize Problems). But when Mary was six months old, she committed suicide and Frank dedicated his life for Mary ever since. Evelyn seeks to be a legal guardian. She wants to move Mary to Massachusetts and prepare her grandchild to be like her mother. He worries that the court will rule against him so he takes Mary to foster care until her 12th birthday. Frank later finds out that the foster care is owned by Evelyn. He also reveals that Diane already solved the problem. He demands her objection in exchange of the Diane’s work. Frank then returns Mary to public school and let her taking college-level courses in the same time. He gives her a childhood that her mother never felt before.


Gifted is very special for me. I don’t why but Evans-Grace relationship in the film is very touching. Those two make the film more appealing than it really deserves to be. Mckenna Grace is adorable and Chris Evans is so caring with her. Gifted tells me about warm and lovely story to watch. The plot surely simple, straightforward and you can call it cliche. But sometimes that’s all you need to enjoy the film in front of you. Really recommended.

Directors : Marc Webb
Producers : Karen Lunder, Andy Cohen
Writers : Tom Flynn
Starring : Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan, Jenny Slate, Octavia Spencer

Overall Rating: 4.5 of 5

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