Muhammad Yusuf Brings Horror Film to Australia

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Known for making high-budget horror movies, director Muhammad Yusuf has come up with another horror film in “The Curse: Menyibak Tabir Misteri Pembunuhan” (“The Curse: Unveiling the Murder Mystery”).

The story follows Shelina, played by actress Prisia Nasution, a criminal lawyer from Indonesia who works at a law firm in Melbourne. Shelina secured an acquittal for her client Lienn, who is charged with murder, played by actress Shareefa Daanish. However, shortly after, Shelina begins to see spirits around her and has fleeting visions of the victims in the murder case she handled.

Noticing that Shelina seemed different, Shelina’s best friend Putri, played by actress Lia Waode, sought help from a medium. However, the medium refused to chase the spirits away because he did not want to get involved in the matter.

Later on, Shelina begins to realize that the spirits were trying to deliver a message to her to reopen the murder case.

Muhammad said “The Curse” is the most challenging movie he has ever produced.

“It is quite challenging because I have to combine Australian criminal law with Asian mystical culture in one movie. It’s not easy to put together all the scenes into a single story that both Indonesian and audiences overseas can easily understand,” he said.

Speaking at the press conference at Djakarta Theater XXI in Central Jakarta on Wednesday (26/04), film producer, Resika Tikoalu said: “‘The Curse’ is not an ordinary horror movie.”

Produced by Triple A Films in cooperation with the Victoria government, she said it is the first Indonesian horror movie to be fully produced in Australia.

“The audience will not only be engrossed by the gripping murder mystery but will also enjoy the  beautiful scenery of Victoria.”

Brett Stevens, a commissioner at The Australia-Indonesia Center, who also spoke at the press conference, said the Victorian government fully supports the partnership.

“This is such a great opportunity to work closer with the fantastic Indonesian film community. This is also the first time we have worked really closely with the Indonesian cinema industry,” he added.

“I definitely want to see more and more movies and develop stronger ties between Australia and Indonesia in the film industry,” he said.

the curse
the director and the cast of “The Curse” via

Muhammad also said that he hopes that the movie can provide opportunities for Indonesian filmmakers to establish themselves in other countries.

“We hope that we can establish a deeper connection between industries here [in Indonesia] and other countries and hope that the film industry will continue to flourish.”

“The Curse” premiered in Melbourne, Australia on April 19, and is currently available in Indonesian cinemas.

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