Teen Titans: the Judas Contract, Classic Titans Story with Modern Romantic Moments

the Judas Contract

I don’t know you aware of it or not but I think DC Comic has tendency of making superhero’s sidekicks famous. I never know Marvel did what DC Comic did. I never know Iron Man or Spiderman have sidekicks. If they have, I don’t think they will gather themselves into bigger “group of sidekicks”. DC Comics are pretty well-known of this concept. Robin, Speedy and Kid Flash are some of popular sidekicks in DC world. They even call themselves Teen Titans. And now we can watch them in action through their latest film, Teen Titans: the Judas Contract.

The film starts back five years ago, when the original Teen Titans Robin, Speedy, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, and Bumblebee rescue the Tamaran Princess Starfire from her evil sister, Blackfire. She was can’t return to her planet. But Titans, offered her a new home. 5 years later, Teen Titans have new member, Terra. Dick Grayson (now Nightwing) also rejoins the Titans. Together, they have to track down a terrorist cult led by Brother Blood. He plans on capturing the team to absorb their powers. He then hires Deathstroke to bring the Titans to him. Deathstroke monitors the Titans through Terra, for about a year. He is now waiting for the right time to get a revenge to the Titans. However, Damian suspects Terra’s behavior. He starts tracking her but Deathstroke and Terra capture him in the wall.

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Terra is initially a cold girl but, she warms up to the other Titans over time. She even shares a tender moment with Beast Boy and kisses him. In the next day, Deathstroke is ready with his plan. He start kidnapping Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven. Dick discovers that Deathstroke is the one behind the kidnap. He then has a fight and lose to Deathstroke. But actually, Dick is just faking his death. Brother Blood now has five Titans in his hands. But, the machine cannot operate properly without a sixth Titan. Brother Blood then asks for Terra. He starts draining the Titans of their powers, but Nightwing shows up and helps the Titans. Nightwing and Robin then fight Deathstroke while the rest take on Brother Blood. Terra is enraged at Slade/Deathstroke for his betrayal. She brings down the entire area. She does not only kill and bury Deathstroke and Brother Blood but also herself. Beast Boy attempts to help Terra, but she pushes him back. Terra is died Beast Boy’s arms.


Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is a fast paced, action packed entry in the DC Universe in Animation. I can say The Judas Contract is loosely based on New Teen Titans.  This where  Tara Markov or Terra is made for competing Kitty Pryde from X-Men. Terra plays important role here, more than Deathstroke and Brother Blood. I like her characterization: sarcastic, cold and abandoned. One other thing I can point out is her relationship with much older character, Deathstroke. I think the film should not bring it up into the film. I don’t know, it is pretty disturbing and does not have any significance to the overall story.

Producers : James Tucker
Directors : Sam Liu
Writers : Ernie Altbacker
Starring : Stuart Allan, Taissa Farmiga, Brandon Soo Hoo, Jake T. Austin, Kari Wahlgren, Sean Maher, Christina Ricci, Miguel Ferrer, Gregg Henry

Overall Rating: 4.0 of 5

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