Get Out: This is the Only Film Which Got 99% in Rotten Tomatoes. But I don’t Know Why

get out

Rotten Tomatoes off course is a popular movie critics in the world. They have such a Tomatometer, which is to calculate either the movie is good or not. Many people sometimes rely too much to this website, I am not. I personally think professional movie critics frequently think too much about the film. They even critic the issue, something that is very subjective to be told. I am here off course not to say they are all wrong. It is just a matter of perspective. So, it makes me have very different opinion with the rest of professional film critics in Rotten. When they give 99% to a movie Get Out, I don’t know the reason. I think it is just like another horror film with racism.

The film start when photographer Chris Washington and his girlfriend Rose Armitage prepare for a weekend trip to meet her parents, Dean and Missy. Rose then reveals that her parents don’t know that Chris is black. Chris worries about it but Rose convinces him that everything will be fine. Dean and Missy introduces to the family’s black servants, Walter and Georgina. One night, Chris observes strange Walter and Georgina’s behavior. Missy knows that but she hypnotized Chris instead. His consciousness falls into a void at Missy’s command. She tells him that he is now in “the sunken place.” He later realizes Missy did hypnotize him. In another day, Armitage family hold an annual get-together with various older white couples attend the party. Chris is the only black guy and take an unusual interest on him. He then met a black guest, Logan King. He tells Chris that there is unusual behavior of the black people in the area.

get out
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Chris feels uncomfortable with the party so Rose agrees to leave with him. While the two are gone, one of the white people, Dean, holds an auction for Chris. Another white person, Jim Hudson, places a winning bid. Alarmed, Chris tells Rose that they need to leave immediately. The two start packing in a rush but the family stops him. Chris suddenly wakes up strapped to a chair. He then discovered that the family has a method of pseudo-immortality. They performs brain surgery to transplant the consciousness of older white people into the younger black people. Chris convinces everyone that they’re using black people because they’re the in fad. Chris manages to escape the house and kill Dean and Missy in the process. Rose got mad and armed herself with a rifle. Chris begins to strangle Rose, but cannot bring himself to kill her. However, there is nothing he can do with her except finish the his girlfriend once for all.


When I check Rotten Tomatoes, I was shocked. I just say, “Oh, shit this film got 99%. Is it that good?” I don’t think I will give 4.9 to the film. Get Out has a tightly controlled pacing, off-kilter visuals, and rich atmosphere. The film shows us a highly complex situation but we still can understand the story with ease. I think the high score is because Get Out brings racism into the big screen. Just that. I am really sorry, I don’t think Get Out is thrilling enough to get such a perfect score.

Producers : Jason Blum, Edward H. Hamm Jr., Sean McKittrick, Jordan Peele
Directors : Jordan Peele
Writers : Jordan Peele
Starring : Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root, Lakeith Stanfield, Catherine Keener

Overall Rating: 4.3 of 5

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