Sony Spiderman is not Over. They are Working on Venom Movie Now, Described as Horror Sci-Fi


Many fans out there are doubting the continuity of Sony Spiderman. They are very upset with Marc Webb the Amazing Spider-man and just feel so-so with Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy. They even force the studio to hand the spider hero to Marvel Entertainment. As one of the most popular comic character, Sony of course don’t wanna easily give up. The studio then “lend” the right to original owner, we have Spidey in Captain America last year. Fans are chanting but Sony is in panic. If they do not produce good to watch Spider-man universe, the studio may sell back the right anytime soon.

That is the worst scenario but we know Sony won’t give up in that way. Thus the Studio have a brilliant plan, a highly-anticipated Spider-Man spin-off, Venom. Earlier this month, Sony Pictures handed out an October 5, 2018 release date for the film. Alex Kurtzman has come aboard to direct from a script by Dante Harper (Edge of Tomorrow, Alien: Covenant). But, the casting has not yet begun for the title role at this time.

Today we have a new report which claims that this project is eyeing a fall 2017 production start. The film is described as a horror sci-fi hybrid, although unfortunately we still don’t have any story details at this time.

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There are no further details about this project at this time. But one thing for sure: the project will have no connection to Spider-Man: Homecoming. It is reasonable enough since the studio will launch their own Spider-Verse franchise after this movie comes out.

A few months ago, Sony Pictures’ Tom Rothman teased that there will be “real news” about the Spider-Man spin-offs soon, as opposed to the usual speculation. These spin-offs will have no connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all. However, even though Venom is moving forward, it isn’t clear yet if The Sinister Six will be another one of these new spin-offs. Also there are rumors said that the studio will develop new characters for these spin-offs. Until now, there is nothing we can do now except waiting.

But who/what is Venom?

If you are not a die hard comic book spider-man fans, you may ask this question.

The Venom character was created in 1988 by David Micheline. The artwork itself provided by Todd McFarlane and Mike Zeck. Venom is basically an alien symbiote that needs a human host to survive. Once a man let himself as the host, he will be a human with incredible powers. The character was originally a villain, but he became an anti-hero and even a good guy in a lengthy stretch of the comics. The current Marvel Comics portray Eddie Brock/Venom as a villain who has teamed up with Flash Thompson, Peter Parker’s old high school nemesis who now works as a government agent.

Alongside the release of Sony sci-fi thriller Life, there come a unique theory claiming it will have connection to Venom movie.

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This Venom fan theory originated at Reddit. One of the user claiming that the alien creature in Life may actually be the symbiote Venom. This is reasonable enough since the organism in that film serving as a bizarre origin story of sorts.

Until today, the filmmakers behind Life wouldn’t confirm nor deny this theory. Regardless of whether or not this fan theory is true, hopefully we’ll learn more about Venom in the near future as we get closer to the rumored production start date.

Source: Venom Movie Eyes Fall 2017 Shoot, Described as Horror Sci-Fi

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