‘Power Rangers’ Has Strict Age Restriction in Russia, Over LGBTQ Character

POWER RANGERS (2017) Trini the Yellow Ranger (Becky G) and Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks)

Not everyone like the modern version of Power Rangers. In some film review site like Rotten Tomatoes gives only 44%. I don’t know why because I think the rangers show impressive performances in the big screen. But again, not everyone has the same opinion with us. Or may be the critics just focus on the Power Rangers controversy.

The debate comes not only from the cast and story, but also the LGBT scenes and teenage issues. Some countries even take it more seriously. One of them is in Russia.

The news comes from the WDSSPR, the Russian distributor of Power Rangers. On Friday, the distributor informed theaters that they changed the age restriction from 16+ to 18+. It is meaning that only viewers over 18 can go to the screenings.

The distributor provided no further explanation for assigning the stricter age restriction. But people believed it is because of the harsh criticism from several legislators over the movie’s LGBTQ content.

On Thursday, hard-line legislator Vitaly Milonov criticized the movie and called for banning it. He was speaking on the air of conservative television network Tsargrad.

Not only the legislator, the critics also come from Russian activist, Milonov. He was a guy who penned a “against gay propaganda among minors”. Thus the presence of a LGBTQ superhero character outraged him

“If fascist ideology is banned in our country, then [movies by] the likes of Dean Israelite should be banned first thing,”. He called Dan Israelite was “a scumbag”. He even was comparing the movie to bombs planted by terrorists inside children’s toys.

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Another legislator, Alexei Zhuravlev, harshly criticized the Culture Ministry for issuing an exhibition license for Power Rangers.

“Some officials [at the Culture Ministry] don’t want to observe laws adopted by the State Duma [lower chamber of Russian Parliament], specifically the law banning gay propaganda among minors,” he told Tsargrad.

Two weeks earlier, Milonov called on the Culture Ministry to apply extra scrutiny to Beauty and the Beast over its gay content. It then resulted in a 16+ age restriction — highly atypical for a Disney movie in Russia.

The Audience don’t Care about the LGBT Content Anyway

Maybe the legislators just think too much about the LGBT content. Viewers of Power Rangers screening at a theater in North Moscow were totally unaware of the controversy. They saw no reason for banning the movie. None of about three dozen people in the theater walked out.

“She is cool, and I don’t care whether she is gay or not,” Anastasia, an 18-year-old university student, told The Hollywood Reporter, referring to the Yellow Ranger, Trini.

“It makes no difference to me what she is as the movie was pretty dumb anyway,” added another moviegoer, 26-year-old Nikolai.

Meanwhile, Power Rangers‘ opening night box-office performance was lackluster. It grossed only 7 million rubles ($121,000), according to trade journal Exhibitor’s Bulletin, trailing far behind Boss Baby and Life.

Source: ‘Power Rangers’ Gets Strict Age Restriction in Russia, Presumably Over LGBTQ Character

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