Life: A Creature from Outer Space will Never be Good


Space and life beyond earth have been the biggest mystery for mankind. We still looking for evidence of extraterrestrial life even though until noe the result is still zero. Common people may look that effort as nothing. But, for scientists their search is everything. They want to know whether they’re alone in this universe or not. If we’re​ not alone, what are they? Are they like us? How can we communicate to them? Yeah. Those are some unanswered questions so far. Scientists just have a theory not the fact. However, Hollywood frequently execute that theory into something good in the big screen. One of them is Life. As the titled said, mankind keep searching a life beyond earth. And you will realize we are better off alone.

The film starts when six members of International Space Station successfully capture a soil sample from mars. The crew then study the sample with the hope to prove extraterrestrial life. Surprisingly, one of the member, a British biologist Hugh Derry somehow can revive dormant organism inside the soil. The dormant quickly grows into a multi-celled organism. The Quarantine Officer Dr. Miranda North discovered that each cell in the organism is a myocyte, neuron and photoreceptor. Thus it has the ability to evolves and becomes hostile. It even crushes Hugh’s right hand. He got his hand free but the organism devours a lab rat and go bigger and wilder. Another crew Rory Adams and David Jordan enter the room to rescue Hugh. Everyone in the station is in panic now. The organism even cut off the communication with earth.

[/media-credit] disaster starts from this cute little organism

The mission commander Katerina Golovkina fix the antenna the outside of ISS. The organism follows and attacks her there. It re-enter the station through the thrusters but it makes ISS entering a decaying orbit. Earth Control then send a Soyuz capsule as a fail-safe plan. That plan fails and even cause worse incident. The temperature and oxygen levels in the ISS to fall rapidly. The only rest crew member, David and Miranda then recalls the two emergency escape pods that are programmed to auto-pilot towards Earth. Their plan to lure the organism into one of the pods before manually overriding the system. David and Miranda launches the pod into space. They hope the organism will attack one of them so they can push it into deep space. However, Miranda’s pod hits debris from the ISS and is knocked off course. David comes back to earth but Miranda’s pod is hurled into deep space.


Many critics tell Life is a combination between Gravity and Alien. I think it is true since it perfectly build up the suspense of unknown creature in very scientific theory. Life has cool effects, intense story and a sweet twist. It may be not as good at science as The Martian. But it much more logical than Space Between Us. I personally think Life does not have very distinctive plot and story. But, it is well told and realistic. Life is recommended film to watch at least for me and I am sure you will feel the same feeling.

Producers : David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Bonnie Curtis, Julie Lynn
Directors : Daniel Espinosa
Writers : Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick
Starring : Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ariyon Bakare, Olga Dihovichnaya

Overall Rating: 4.5 of 5

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