Space Between Us: The First Child Born on Mars

Space Between Us

Space is always giving us a mystery to explore. Alien and UFO are just the example of mystery mankind had to solve. Not to mention the existence of other human-like creatures from another “earth”. I even believe that I have another me on another planet. I know it sounds crazy but it’s​just incredible to think about it. Imagine this sci-fi scenario, if you have your doppelganger in another planet, would you visit him/her? Yeah. I am pretty sure you won’t. It is terrifying because mankind’s​ knowledge about space is still limited. We don’t even know to stay on another planet in this solar system. However, it is perfectly happen in the film titled Space Between Us.

The story starts when the CEO of Genesis Nathaniel Shepard launched the first ever mission to colonize Mars. During the journey, the lead astronaut, Sarah Elliot, discovers she is pregnant. Shortly after landing, she dies while giving birth to the first human born on Mars. To keep his company from bad publication, Nathaniel eventually decides to secretly keep the child on Mars. 16 years later, that child, whose name Gardner Elliot, had grown into an intelligent young man. He only ever met 14 people in his life so far. One day, he discovered his mother’s items, a wedding ring and a USB drive. From that drive, he knew that his father is on earth. He wanted to come back to earth not only for his father, but also for Tulsa, a girl from Colorado he met on the Internet. However, Nathaniel refused to bring back Gardner since he had to train Gardner to adapt with earth environment and society.

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On earth, Gardner had to be quarantined in NASA to undergo some medical tests to determine whether he is fit for life on Earth. Unfortunately, the result is negative. His body didn’t fit for life on earth. Dare to not give up, he escaped and find Tulsa. Together, the two started a journey to find Gardner’s biological father. However, Nathaniel discovered that Gardner’s heart is unable to stand Earth’s atmospheric pressure. Thus, he must be returned to Mars immediately if he is to survive. Gardner ignored that fact even though his nose starts bleeding anyway. Gardner knew he won’t last anymore but still, he wanted to meet his father before he dies. Tulsa gave her best to help him until at one moment, in the shore, Nathaniel revealed that he was Gardner’s father. Nathaniel and Tulsa then desperately launched Gardner into stratosphere to keep him alive.


I have to admit Space Between Us has a very good premise. A young man who raised on Mars? Who ever think about that? But, a good premise means nothing without a good execution and logic. The film make its effort to combine teen romance drama with sci-fi but there are too many unexplained scenes throughout the duration. Space Between Us seems to focus only on the romance. They have very little effort to take you to Mars like The Martian did. But, I still like it by the way.

Producers : Richard Barton Lewis
Directors : Peter Chelsom
Writers : Allan Loeb
Starring : Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, Carla Gugino, Britt Robertson

Overall Rating: 4.1 of 5

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