Confidential Assignment: South and North Combines to Take Down Criminal

Confidential Assignment

For years, every country in the world even United States are afraid of North Korea. People may know Korea from K-Pop wave but it only refers to Southern part of the Korean peninsula. If South Korea got the popularity from girlband and boyband, North Korea is famous because of its nuclear weapon. Until now, the world is still worrying whether Kim Jong Un would use it someday or not. However, the contrast situation between North and South is just like giving something to filmmakers to explore. Many films (Korean film obviously) had featured the unique relationship between both countries. One of them is Confidential Assignment​.

The film revolves around Im Chul-Ryung, an officer of special investigation team in North Korea. At one time, he and his team investigate a group of criminal who print counterfeit money. Rather than waiting for some back up, Im Chul-Ryung command the team to go inside and apprehend the mastermind. However, the commander Cha Ki-Sung gone rogue and stole the master plates. He commands his team to murder all Im Chul-Ryung’s team even his girlfriend Park So-Yeon. Cha Ki-Sung then escape to South Korea with the printing plates for producing superior-quality counterfeit $100 bills. Using that plate, Cha Ki-Sung can print huge amount of money with the ability to avoid detection.

confidential assignment
[/media-credit] North-South Korea agents in action

Pyongyang Goverment is worrying about the plate. The fake currency could destabilize international relations if traced back to the North Korean regime. Thus government ordered Im Chul-Ryung, along with the high-level government delegation, to capture Cha Ki-Sung and retrieve the stolen master plates. Im Chul-Ryung has only 3 days to complete the mission. South Korea government feel anything wrong with the move from the North. The government then send Detective Kang Jin-Tae to watch over Im Chul-Ryung. Kang Jin-Tae has a mission to discover of Im Chul-Ryung’s true purpose. Im Chul-Ryung and Kang Jin-Tae then found a Park Myung-Ho. From him, they can get close to Cha Ki-Sung. They have to take Cha Ki-Sung down before the South-North relationship got worse.


Confidential Assignment is typical Asian action-packed films. The characters involve in many hand to hand combat and it is entertaining to watch it. I really enjoy the action but not the political drama. I don’t know, I just think Im Chul-Ryung and Kang Jin-Tae can give the Confidential Assignment a soul. I didn’t see their chemistry throughout 125 minutes duration. However, Park Min-Young (Yoona) is stealing my eyes. Her screen time is not much but I like the way she shows her interest to Im Chul-Ryung.

Producer: JK Youn
Director: Kim Sung-hoon
Writers: Yoon Hyeon-ho
Starring: Hyun Bin, Yoo Hai-jin, Kim Joo-hyuck, Gong Jeong-hwan, Lee Hea-yong, Jang Young-nam, Lim Yoon-a

Overall Rating: 4.3 of 5

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