The Professional, The First Heist Film Made in Indonesia. But It doesn’t Go Well


Indonesian film industry is starting to leave out their comfort zone now. The industry even follow the Hollywood footstep by releasing the film with “unconventional” story and plot. I say unconventional because until this time, the producers, the directors and actors is like specializing themselves in ┬áromance and drama film. But, time changes this phenomena. On July 2016, we have a disaster film withe the title Bangkit! and now there is The Professional hit the big screen with the heist plot. Unfortunately, first attempt usually doesn’t go as expected.

The story revolves around Abi, a young successful businessman who get in jail because of his close friend. He is accused for the investment bulging. When the cops coming to his office, his friend Reza just stand still and witness his arrest in a luxury car. Months later, Abi is a free man. He wants to live like usual but his wife and daughter left him alone. He goes mad with Reza and demand a revenge. Abi wants Reza to suffer like he does. To do that, he gathers some people to be in his side. He recruits one of his former partner Cokro, the hacker Jerry, the bouncer Jo and the seducer Sophie. They are ready to avenge and bring Reza down.

the professional
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Reza also in a dirty business. He tricked people to give out aka invest their money into his company, Trimitra Corp. All the money in his account is from the people who suffer because of him. Abi and his team plan to move the money out of Reza’s account. Jerry can hack into Reza’s computer but he needs a dongle. In one night, they infiltrate to the company and install some small cameras to find where Reza keep the dongle. The problem don’t stop here. Reza is also spying on them and then he upgrades the security system. The dongle now is in deposit box secured with finger print recognition below the basement of his company. Abi has an idea about it. He is intimidating Reza to get his finger print. In another night, Abi and the team are back in action to make Reza pay what he has done before.


In term of premise and plot, The Professional gives a new era of Indonesian film industry. However, the story and the script is not-so-good to watch. A heist film should be action-packed and intense, but The professional failed to bring them to the audience. There are many holes in the story. I even cannot enjoy the sequences because I am busy to put the scenes in the right part. However, the action is getting better in the last part. The final heist scene is just good but never compare it to the wonderful Now You See Me or the absurd Mastermind. Also, I like the drama between Reza and Abi. They are intimidating each other and it is enough to make the overall film in a high tension.

Producers : Toha Essa
Directors : Affandi Abdul Rachman
Writers : Baskoro Adi Wuryanto, Stella Gunawan
Starring : Fachri Albar, Arifin Putra, Lukman Sardi, Cornelio Sunny, Richard Kyle, Melayu Nicole Hall, Imelda Therinne

Overall Rating: 3.7 of 5

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