Why Him? – The Effort of A Silicon Valley Millionaires to Marry His Crush

Why Him?

I am not a parent but I think letting you kids grow old with another people is difficult. I do not know but I think allowing your children, especially daughter, to love someone you don’t like is the most complicated feeling you ever had. Your daughter (or son) love that person but you argue it is just a temporary feeling. A lust not a love. You just want to protect your daughter. You just want her to be happy and not regretting her decision in the future. This is exactly the plot of the 2016 film titled Why Him? A father would keep questioning why his daughter chose that person over anyone else. Yeah. Love is a mystery and even a close father-daughter relationship can have very different perspective about it.

The film revolves around the life of a businessman named Ned Fleming. He run a printing business. It was very successful in the past, but now his company is in a downturn. On the other side, he is worrying his daughter who goes to Stanford, Stephanie. She is dating a tech entrepreneur named Laird Mayhew. Ned didn’t like his daughter’s boyfriend so much. He didn’t like Laird’s behavior and his business, Ape Assassins. Stephanie knows that so she invites Ned, her mother Barb and her 15-year-old brother Scotty. In their first meeting, Laird shows Ned his business, his employees, his house and even the special bowling arena inside the Laird’s huge house. However, Laird’s too-advance-house and his “motherfucking” mouth still bother Ned. He even can’t imagine why his daughter love Laird.

why him?
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Laird doesn’t give very easy. With the help and advice from his right hand man Gustav, Laird tries very hard to get closed with Ned and the rest of the family. Ned still refused to give his blessing for him. He even invites Ned and his family to attend networking part in his house. At one night in the toilet, Ned found something wrong in Laird’s bank account. It seems that Laird’s​ financial condition is not as good as it looks. Ned told Stephanie that Laird has lied to her. In fact, it is not that bad. He even bought Ned’s printing business to pay off all of the debts. Surprisingly, it makes him angry and attack Laird. Both of them are in fight and screw up everything. Stephanie got mad and please him to go home. It should be good for Laird, but he asks Stephanie to go to her parent’s house in Detroit. He wants to prove to Ned that he is worthy enough to call him “Dad”.


Rotten Tomatoes give Why Him? 40% out of a hundred. I totally disagree with it. I like it so much. The film is such a holiday comedy  and I laughed when watching it. The romantic scene between Laird and Stephanie is not much but it is enough to say what a couple should be. It is true that the premise and the plot is generic but Why Him give some business issue toward baby boomers and millenials. James Franco and Bryan Cranston fits the role and they give the film a soul of a touching father-in-law and son-in-law relationship.

Producers : Stuart Cornfeld, Dan Levine, Shawn Levy, Ben Stiller
Directors : John Hamburg
Writers : John Hamburg, Ian Helfer
Starring : James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch, Megan Mullally, Griffin Gluck, Keegan-Michael Key

Overall Rating: 4.3 of 5


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