Fist Fight: If School is Already in a Mess, Just Add a Little Teacher Fight into It

Fist Fight

School sucks! I believe that. There is no such a “good education system” for all. There is something wrong in the system. I do not know it exactly, nor other research institute is. Education should be more than sitting up quietly and listening every words come out from the teacher or lecture. Just in case, those are what you do in school, congratulation, you are in prison. Our education system is broken, but there are few people realize that and speak up. So, that’s why the best way to do that is through a film. The Sitter, Accepted and now Fist Fight bring the idea of how-school-should-be to the broader audience.

The story starts in the last day before summer vacation at Roosevelt High School. Students there are out of control. Everything is in a chaos even after the school’s mild-mannered English teacher, Andy Campbell, and his fellow faculty members are trying to control the situation. The only person can get easy with the messed up is the history teacher, Ron Strickland. Meanwhile, the rumors of downsizing the department and the birth of his second child makes Campbell worrier than before. One time, a student mocked both Strickland and Campbell and it brought them to the Tyler’s office. Campbell told that Strickland went rage when dealing with student. Strickland lose his job because of that and he invites Campbell into a fist fight after school. Knowing that he doesn’t have any chance, he prepared a false testimony to clear Strickland’s name and have him reinstated. However, it doesn’t work out.

fist fight
[/media-credit] the fight starts here

His only chance is to remove Strickland before the day ends. Campbell frame Strickland so cops will arrest him. But again, the plan fails and both Campbell and Strickland has to go the same cell. They are there not for a long time. After cops released them, Campbell headed back to school, but he discovers that his colleagues are all fired. He is still in the position but he is complaining with the entire public school system. His complaint along with the hype of his fight with Strickland put the Department of Education in a position where they need to put more effort and money toward their schools. All of his colleagues is reinstate, including Strickland. Since that summer, Campbell and Strickland are now a best friend and they are ready to enforce proper education in their school.


Again, a film shows its magic in telling the unspeakable. Fist Fight is one of them. Fist Fight arguing about how public school is frequently depending on politics above it. However, the job is not done really well because for about 91 minutes duration, you will only see bullies, workplace violence and idiocy. Fist Fight is a comedy film but some parts are just absurd not funny. The plot and promise is similar with the Middle School: Worst Day in My Life but it takes the fight into teacher vs teacher. But, the scene is coherent enough for you to understand the modern school system is far from perfect.

Producers : Shawn Levy, Max Greenfield, John Rickard, Dan Cohen
Directors : Richie Keen
Writers : Van Robichaux, Evan Susser
Starring : Ice Cube, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, Christina Hendricks, Kumail Nanjiani

Overall Rating: 3.9 of 5

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