Logan Timeline Explained! What Happened Before Logan Met Laura in 2029?


I have to admit, I never think about the continuity of every X-Men films I ever watched. I just enjoy it in theater and come home with happy and smile. My partner and I never want to know what is the relation of one film and another that made up X-Men Universe. Believe me, I think it is better to be in that way.

All films in Marvel Cinematic Universe go toward the future. No Spin off, to backward timeline. X-Men does not have the same formula. There are films about the original mutants, prequels, spin off and also the film that erased everything we know about the franchise.

And then come Logan with Laura. The film is set to take action in 2029 and all mutant is dying out. It makes me wonder, what have happen before the extinction?

Before we go any further, it is good to know the X-Men timeline in sequence first.

I assume you all have watched Logan, and thus you may ever hear “the Westchester Incident.”

In the film, Logan is now caretaker of Charles. He is suffering from Dementia and it turns him into a a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). When the mutant gifted with most powerful psychic powers is having a brain disorder, he became the the most dangerous threat of human being.

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Day by day, Logan has to give Charles a medication to calm him down. He did this also to keep Charles to remember bad things about his students and friends in Westchester.

Remember the scene in a Reno, Nevada hotel? Xavier unleashed his telepathic powers to paralyze their attackers and also every other human being in the hotel. The news spread out, saying that this is what exactly the same with the incident the “back east” aka Westchester. Xavier paralyzed 600 people and that several lives were lost, including some of the X-Men.

However, he is not the main reason why the rest of the mutant are wiped off. The evil Dr. Zander Rice is. He is the mind behind the formula that suppress mutant gene. His company produced genetically-altered corn syrup and mass manufacturing it.

But, Dr. Zander Rice did not ever think to murder mutant, he wants to control it. His company, Alkali Transigen engineered new young mutants in laboratory. The company created killing children to become soldiers as they grow up. The company treated the kids like a thing not human. One of them is the cute X-23.

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Later, she proves that Dr. Zander Rice is wrong about her kind. She is 100% mutant and also 100% human. She can be nice and crazy according to how you treat her. Just don’t screw up with her or the claws will hunt you down.



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