Logan: The Best Wolverine and X-Men Film I Ever See.


The world shock when Hugh Jackman decides to retire his role as Wolverine. You know, in term of popularity, Wolverine is more popular than any other Marvel’s character, except Spiderman. It is just like Batman in DC Comic. Wolverine is a mutant with the incredible healing factor. It makes it difficult for director, producer or whatever to replace Hugh Jackman. But, the decision has been set and it is nearly impossible to change his mind. So, what we can do as fans are give him tribute to his last film, Logan. And frequently, the last is another for the best.

The film start in the year 2029 when mutants are on the brink of extinction. In that year, no no new mutants having been born in 25 years. Logan, formerly known as Wolverine, is one of few mutants that still survive. He now spends his days working as a driver and hustling for prescription drugs in Texas. He lives in mutant tracker Caliban in the border of Mexico and takes care of Professor Charles. Charles suffers from a neurodegenerative disease which causes the murder of all X-Men in Westchester. Logan condition is not better. He is aging because adamantium in his bones is poisoning him and impeding his healing factor. One day, a Mexican woman, Gabriela, met him. She worked in biotechnology corporation Alkali-Transigen, the place where the new mutant is created. She demands Logan to take her and an 11-year-old girl, Laura, to “Eden” in North Dakota. On the other hand, a chief of security of Transigen, Donald Pierce, wants Laura back and started to haunt Gabriela wherever she goes.

[/media-credit] the Road Trip with family

When Logan comes to pick up them, he discovered that Gabriela is murdered and left Laura with Logan. Donald Pierce and his soldiers, Reavers, tracks that girl to the place where Charles lives. Logan, Charles, and Laura escaped to Oklahoma City. On the way there, Logan and Charles learn that Laura is one of the breeding mutant made by Transigen. As they grew up, those kids are uncontrollable. Along with the completion of “X-24” project, Transigen wants to terminate the children but Gabriella saves some of them, including Laura. Donald Pierce still searching for the girl. He got help from Zander Rice, the head of Transigen to use X-24, the feral clone of Logan, to take Laura back. In that fight, Charles died. Have no place to go, Laura enforces Logan to go to “Eden”, as referenced in X-Men Comicbook. In Eden, the young mutants manage to leave the country to the Canadian border. Reavers know that plan and chase them. After injecting some serum to his body, Logan keeps up with the kids and begins slaughtering the Reavers. The children wipe out the remaining Reavers but Logan has to have a deathful fight with X-24. When X-24 is trying to finish Logan, Laura shoots X-24 with an adamantium bullet. However, Logan cannot be saved, died in Laura’s arms.


Thrilling yet emotionally touching. Those are what I feel when I watch the latest Hugh Jackman in X-Men. I cannot say, this is the best X-Men film I ever see, even better than Days of Future Past! Logan is not just a superhero film, I think this is a family film. The chemistry between Dafnee Keen and Hugh Jackman is incredible. It gives the sad family drama between blood and claws throughout the duration. A compelling superhero story combining with an emotional family road trip? ahh, It is more than good.

Producers : Hutch Parker, Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner
Directors : James Mangold
Writers : Scott Frank, James Mangold, Michael Green
Starring : Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant, Dafne Keen

Overall Rating: 4.6 of 5

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