Fifty Shade Darker: I Have NO Idea Why People Like Watching It


In 2015, Fifty Shade of Grey is a global phenomenon. Some countries banned it but in some countries, it was in the box office. The film makes the border between porn and mainstream film blurred. The film introduced us that people who like BSDM (just search it on Google if you don’t know) existed among us. Moreover, the portrayal of Mr. Grey inspired some people to try it in their relationship! This year, the film continues with its sequel, Fifty Shade Darker. And people still love watching it.

The film starts when Anastasia “Ana” Steele begun her new job as an assistant to Jack Hyde at Seattle Independent Publishing. At one night, Ana met Christian in Jose Rodriguez’s art gallery show. He asked Ana to come back. He even agrees to follow Ana’s term of no rules and no punishments if Christian wants to resume their relationship. Both of them agree and the relationship is restored as before. A few days later, Christian sees Jack flirting with Ana in the bar. He quickly departs with Ana and he warns Ana of Jack’s undisguised intentions. However, Jack is not the only person who interrupt Ana-Christian relationship. There is a woman named Leila Williams to come out as one of the Christian’s former submissive. Leila demanded more to their relationship but Christian didn’t. She later has a husband but for some reason, he died and make her suffered a mental breakdown.

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Leila seems obsessed with Christian. She even has been stalking the two for some time. In one time, Christian invites Ana to a masquerade ball. There, Ana learns that Christian has a bad childhood. He had expelled from various schools for fighting. His mother was a prostitute and even committed suicide. In another day, Jack Jack tries to seduce Ana while she is in the office. Ana manages to escape and Christian dismissed Jack from SIP. At her apartment, Leila appears and threatens her with a gun. Ana is terrified and leaving Christian behind. Christian does not want to lose her ever again. He even drops down to his knees and turns to a submissive. In the same night, He asks her to marry him. Ana says she needs time to consider this and the situation worsening when Elena said she taught him how to fuck and not how to love. To prove she is wrong, Ana accepts Christian’s proposal at the boathouse.


For the one who likes to watch this, I would say “sorry. I am not enjoying the film, at all.” There are too many conflicts and important characters in just one film. The storytelling does reflect flavorless and tired game of love and seduction. It repeats a wash-rinse-repeat cycle: someone appears out of nowhere; there is a connection between them; then there is conflict; all of these are finished with the bedroom. I personally think Fifty Shade Darker will discuss consent, sexual boundaries, trauma and relationship autonomy. It is true but they don’t talk it in a concise manner. The film feels like another soap-opera drama, with many sex scenes.

Producers : Michael De Luca, E. L. James, Dana Brunetti, Marcus Viscidi
Directors : James Foley
Writers : Niall Leonard
Starring : Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Eric Johnson, Eloise Mumford, Bella Heathcote, Rita Ora, Luke Grimes, Victor Rasuk, Kim Basinger, Marcia Gay Harden

Overall Rating: 3.8 of 5

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