Sing, When Animals You Know Has Better Voice than You


CGI animation is such a miracle. We can now be watching non-human characters who did what we do. From Toy Story to Moana, everything can have a life and soul on the big screen. Because of that, the creators have very big chance to explore. Animation can be playful or controversial, depends on the message they want to speak up. For instance, Sausage Party may be unsafe for teenagers and children. But, deep down, the film speak up about how people are so stubborn when talking about their religion. People usually do not want to talk about it but the creators behind it think in a different way. That is also what 2016 animation film Sing do to the audience.

The film starts when a Koala named Buster Moon is desperate with his theater. He was very interested in show business since his childhood but now, he had a financial problem, Ms. Crawley, mistakenly blown out the promotional fliers with $100,000 on it. Animals from all around the city come for auditions. Among them, pigs Rosita and Gunter, mouse Mike, gorilla Johnny and porcupine Ash. Besides that, there is a shy teenage elephant Meena bombs her audition. Buster Moon has his performers but it is nothing without the money. He then asks Eddie to arrange his meeting with Nana Noodleman, Eddie’s grandmother, and former opera singer and theater actress. She does not fully trust Moon so she agrees to see Moon’s show in private. This is a big chance for him so he asks Meena to help him and become a stage hand.

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The rehearsal begins but all the performers had their own problem. Rosita is distracted with her parenting duties. Ash broke up with her boyfriend recently. Johnny has a fight with his dad after he prefers to do audition than getting his dad away from the police. Mike is haunted by the bears he tricked in the night club. All of these lead to a terrible show. The theater is crashing down because of the flood. The theater is repossessed by the bank but the real problem is the contestants know the audition is just a fraud. Buster Moon tries to move on and open a car wash. But, his spirit level up when hearing Meena sing in the theater’s rubble lot. He reinstates the show without the prize and all the contestants agree to join. The show impresses every animal in the city, including Nana. She then buys the lot, and rebuild it again. The theater reopens and this is the beginning for them to do what they love.


Sing told me to not give up our dream. Everyone has their failure but it is just a chance to pick ourselves up. This film is inspiring with the mess it shows during the duration. I am pretty sure kids will love Sing. It is colorful and the musical is so entertaining. The plot may be full of distraction because there are many things to tell. But, I still love watching it! Sing is a sweetly charming, funny and inspiring animated musical. It may be not as good as Oscar winner Zootopia but it is a good deal of fun.

Producers : Chris Meledandri, Janet Healy
Directors : Garth Jennings
Writers : Garth Jennings
Starring : Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly

Overall Rating: 4.2 of 5

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