Chinese Odyssey Chapter 3: The Absurd Chinese Comedy but Still Enjoyable

Chinese Odyssey

If you’re Asian, you might know the old classic story “Journey to the West.” Yeah, that story has many adaptations from books to film. Sometimes, it told as very serious but sometimes it can be very comedic. However, people in the West part of the world may not know it. They don’t not how Funny the King of Monkey Son Go Kong could be. When I was a child, I was really impressed by it. I always watched it on my TV in the afternoon. But by I grew old, people seem to forget it all. The myth is there but there is no film adaptation about it. My yearning is paid off when Chinese Odyssey Chapter 3 comes to theater.

The story starts with the death of Zixia in a battle between the Gods and mankind. To prevent her death, she travels back in time using the Pandora’s Box. However, she only makes matters more complicated. The first thing she manages is to break up with Joker, the incarnation of The Monkey King. She wants to make sure the Monkey King is leaving her so she can avoid the destiny. Because of that, she enforces Jing-Jing to seduce Joker. Jing Jing does not want it so it leads to a fight between the two. Zixia defeats Jing Jing but it just makes Joker love her more. But, she never runs out of the idea. Instead of introducing another woman to Joker, She runs away again and gives herself to The Bulls King.

Chinese Odyssey
[/media-credit] Journey to the West

Joker is searching for her everywhere but during the journey, he sees Guanyin is convincing the Monkey King to guide the Longevity Monk on his Journey to the West. The Monkey King refuses it so Guanyin has to take to heaven. After that, Bulls King somehow invites Joker to meet his new wife. After figure out that Zixia is Bull King’s new wife, Joker takes Zixia away along with The Longevity monk for some reason. They escape to the lair of Bull King’s sister for protection. But, she locks them up instead. However, it just reignites the love between Joker and Zixia once again. Now, she ignores her future death and decides to be Joker forever. He and his sister then successfully capture them and prepare Longevity Monk is on the menu for his wedding. Longevity Monk is actually the son of the Monkey King and Zixia’s sister (Zixia from the future) so He comes to earth to crash the party with the help of Zixia’s sister. However, it just makes the future goes as the future said so.


I have to be honest here. Chinese Odyssey Chapter 3 is a mess. The plot story is so complex but it packs everything in just 1 and a half hour. If you do not know the story of Journey to The West, I am pretty sure you think it has no clear sense of direction, conflict or stake. However, the sweet songs save the day. I also really enjoy the jokes. I think it is just me but most of the jokes and slapstick works for me. Not to mention the absurd Blue James Cameron Avatar and King of Pop Michael Jackson as the reincarnation of the Longevity monk. The Chapter 3 might not be as good as the first and second installment but it still entertains me with the wonderful CGI scenes even though they will not as good as Hollywood Blockbuster CGI.

Producers: Sharon Yeung Pan-Pan, Jianmin Lv
Directors: Jeffrey Lau
Writers: Jeffery Lau
Starring: Han Geng, Tiffany Tang Yan, Wu Jing, Karen Mok, Gillian Chung

Overall Rating: 4.0 of 5

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