Master: Uncover The Biggest Fraud in South Korea

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I think everyone ever dreams of being rich and wealthy. Some people may argue that money cannot buy happiness. Well, it is true but many more people want to do everything to get much money. However, sometimes it makes them insane. They tend to do illegal thing just to be rich. Becoming a drug dealer, corruptors or fraudsters will get you money for sure but, if you did just one little mistake, your life will never be the same again. You will live on the run, spend your time only to escape from one place to another. This is exactly the plot of Korean film, Master. When I watched the trailer, I wish it would be as good as Train to Busan.

The story starts when people are applauding for the man stood in the middle of a big building. That man told them they deserve a better life. That man offers them a new revolutionary way of being rich, One Network. His name is Jin Hyun-Pil and he convinced all people in the building that One Network is their new family. Actually, One Network is a Multilevel marketing company with the unique pyramid scheme. That organization even can transform into a legal financial institution by acquiring a failed bank in South Korea. The system goes well actually but Jin Hyun-Pil, the CEO and the president, defraud his company’s sales staff and put the money into his own pockets. He cannot do that unless Park Jang Goon and Kim Eom-Ma help me. They defraud people’s money as well as bribe some politicians to secure their position. All of their activity and connection are recorded in a ledger inside Jin Hyun-Pil’s home. However, their activity is actually under surveillance of intellectual crime investigation team. Due to lack of evidence, the investigator Kim Jae Myung recruits Park Jang Goon. He offers Park Jang Goon a plea deal in return of computer evidence and documents incriminating his boss.

master korea film
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Even with the help from Park Jang Goon, Kim Jae Myung finds it difficult to arrest Jin Hyun-Pil because of his expertise in law enforcement and politician connection. The only possible way is to take the ledger containing information on all of the cops, judges, and politicians he routinely bribes. However, Jin Hyun-Pil already knows it and disappear after liquidating about $3 billion. He left Park Jang Goon and escape to Manila. After 6 months hiding, Jin Hyun-Pil slowly started his own business. He even got a tender from Philippines’ politician worth about $6 billion. But, he needs to get $3 million before the rest is paid in full. Kim Jae Myung sees it as a chance. He and Park Jang Goon trapped one of the Jin Hyun-Pil’s lawyer’s to arrest Jin Hyun-Pil in Manila. However, Jin Hyun-Pil seems to trick them once again but this time the luck is on their side. Their one-year preparation successfully fools Jin Hyun-Pil once and for all.


Unbelievable, Master is just impressed me the way Train to Busan did last year! The plot is thrilling and makes me think. Seriously, I even need to learn more about finance to fully understand the case. More than that, three main characters here, Jin Hyun-Pil, Park Jang Goon and Kim Jae Myung are stunning! Master also bring social critics revolves around South Korean Government in a beautiful way. The drawback is just the duration. I think the plot can be packed in 2 hours rather than 2 hours and 30 minutes running time. It makes the plot less exciting in some parts. Master also lack fighting scenes but the mind tricks will be decent compensations.

Producers : Eugene Lee
Directors : Cho Ui-seok
Writers : Cho Ui-seok, Kim Hyun-duk
Starring : Dong-won Gang, Byung-hun Lee, Woo-bin Kim, Dal-su Oh, Ji-won Uhm, Jin Kyung, Cho Ui-seok

Overall Rating: 4.3 of 5

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