Winter In Tokyo: Don’t be Sad, Your Crush will Fight for You

winter in Tokyo

Love is something we will never fully understand. There is no one ultimate rule about finding the right person for us. Frequently, people we never expect is the one who crushes our heart! I will be romantic here because of yesterday, I watched the sweet and cute story about finding a true love: Winter In Tokyo. This is actually an Indonesian romance film but the characters are all Japanese. So, the sweetness here might work only for Indonesians. However, since we are talking about love, I am pretty sure that all people, from all nationality, can consume it well. Yeah. Love is something mankind universally accepts <3.

The film revolves around a Japanese young girl named Ishida Keiko. She lives alone in Tokyo Suburbs in her apartment. One day, her friends, Tomoyuki and Haruka told her that there will be a new person who lives right in front of her room. However, he never goes out since his coming. It makes her worry about her new neighbor. Keiko wants to check her condition but a guy suddenly opens the door and hit her head. The name of the guy is Nishimura Kazuto. Kazuto was actually born in Tokyo but recently, he lived in New York before he decided to come back. He just wants to run away from his past. Since that incident, both Keiko and Kazuto are getting closer during the winter. They start to spending their time together. Kazuto even realizes that he can slowly forget the worse life had in the past. He realizes that he start to like Keiko in a romantic way. However, Keiko only treats Kazuto as a close friend. She still keeps her heart for someone she loves since elementary school, Kitano Akira. Akira helped Keiko finding her bracelet.

winter in tokyo
[/media-credit] Keiko and Kazuto in Tokyo

Until now, she never forgets that even always dreaming of meeting him someday. That dream comes true when she goes to a hospital. Akira is now a doctor. He is the one who treats her illness. Because of that, Keiko takes that chance and get herself closer to him. Keiko starts dating her dream boyfriend but Akira seems not really know her like Kazuto. Akira did not know that Keiko really hates darkness and egg. Kazuto did. He even travels from Kobe to Tokyo in only one day to accompany Keiko on Christmas Eve. That is something Akira never do. Kazuto does not stop there. He planned to confess his feeling but all of sudden, he got an amnesia. He lost his sweet memory with Keiko. In the same time, the girl from Kazuto’s past, Yuri, come back to meet him. She knows that Kazuto and Keiko are close so this is her chance to erase Keiko from Kazuto’s life. But, Kazuto remembers that Keiko is the reason he comes back to Tokyo.


This film is well-expressed the cute things of love. What Kazuto did for Keiko is just sweet. As a man, I do not ever think to do what he did. But, I am pretty sure all women will be impressed by it. Okay. Stop talking about love and start criticizing the film executions. The plot does not run so well but I think it is not a big deal for Indonesians. What bothers me a lot is why the dialogue is mixed? Why not only Indonesian or Japanese? I think the audience will understand that the story is about Japanese people’s relationship. That Indonesian-Japanese dialogues just makes me less enjoyable. Not only that, the plot is little bit nonsense. The main conflict, amnesia, in this case, are put into the plot out of nothing. Personally, I prefer to explore Keiko’s dilemma between choosing Kazuto or Akira.

Producers : Yoen K
Directors : Fajar Bustomi
Writers : Ilana Tan
Starring : Pamela Bowie, Dion Wiyoko, Kimberly Ryder, Morgan Oey, Brandon Nicholas Salim, Ferry Salim, Brigitta Cynthia

Overall Rating: 3.9 of 5

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