Imagine You are Kazuto or Keiko, Where will You Take Your Crush Out?

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Impressed by how Kazuto treat Keiko? Me too. I just wonder how difficult for Kazuto to choose Yuri or Keiko. Both of them are all pretty and stunning in their way. If you are #TeamYuri, sorry, Kazuto’s experiences during winter in Tokyo are just memorable. They have fun together in many different places and landmarks. Yeah, Tokyo is a city of memory. There are a lot of things we can do in the heart of Japan.

However, Winter in Tokyo film did not really explore the romantic memories between Kazuto and Keiko. I remember only their dinner in a fine-dining restaurant and Swan Lake Concert. I am pretty sure Kazuto takes Keiko to go around Tokyo, not only that two places. 1-month sweet experience is just sum up as two romantic dates? It is impossible.

So, I want you to imagine you are rich or lucky enough to ask your crush on a date to Tokyo? I will give one month in Winter, where will both of you go?

I personally think to walk around Tokyo and enjoy all of the attraction is impossible if you just have a month. Tokyo is a dynamic city. There are endless tourist attractions there. Whether you are looking for old and modern Japanese traditions, they are easily found. Tokyo is like heaven especially if you are addicted to Japanese pop culture like Manga, Anime or even Idol Group. You may get lost and spend too many times in just one destination. The better option is you prepare a list of landmark you would visit before your journey start.

To help you plan your vacation during the Winter in Tokyo, here are some recommendation from me.

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya crossing
[/media-credit] very crowded junction

Shibuya is basically a Japan version of New York Time Square. It is a major intersection, tourist destination, entertainment center and neighborhood in Tokyo. Shibuya is a huge crosswalk with sparkles and glitters. Beautiful neon lights will be striking right into your eyes. Karaoke, Pachinko Parlors, Boutique and department stores fill out space. Shibuya is a center of entertainment, nightlife, and shopping in Tokyo. So, please make sure you have extra cash in your pocket.

Imperial Palace Tokyo and Gardens

Imperial Palace Tokyo
[/media-credit] embrace traditional culture

Tokyo is not only a modern city with sophisticated technology and beautiful lights. The people also embrace traditional history. So that’s why going to Imperial Palace Tokyo should be also on your list. If the weather is not too snowy and cold, visiting the Imperial Palace Tokyo and Gardens is worth-doing. The entrance is free but makes sure you get there only on December 23 (the emperor’s birthday), and January 2 (New Year’s Greeting). So, you can save plenty of your money to other things.

Beautiful Christmas Illuminations

Tokyo Dome Illumination
[/media-credit] Tokyo Dome Illumonation

This is what makes Winter in Tokyo is so special. During the winter, Tokyo is full of “Illumination” or light decorations. It starts when Christmas is coming and lasts usually until February. The lights are so colorful and arranged in an amazing pattern. It makes the night in Tokyo is very memorable, especially for a date. Caretta Shiodome, Shinjuku Terrace City, Marunouchi Illumination are some place I recommend to you to visit.

Enjoy Winter Dishes

[/media-credit] Yosenabe

Japanese people have their special dishes during the winter. Oden, ramen, stew or baked sweet potato are the examples of it. They might be uncommon to see in any other season. However, besides that, here are some dishes you should taste when you are in Tokyo during the winter:

  • Raw oysters
  • Yosenabe
  • Kimchi nabe
  • Mizutaki
  • Zosui
  • Okayu

Just try it all!!!

Attending Winter Festivals

Tori no Ichi Festival
[/media-credit] Tori no Ichi Festival

People may think that Summer is the perfect time to enjoy festivals in Japan, especially Tokyo. However, there are some festivals that are only available during the snow time. Some of them are very well-known among the tourists.

  • Tori no Ichi Festival
  • Jingu Gaien Icho Matsuri
  • Joya no Kane
  • Oshogatsu

I wish you have plenty of time to enjoy them all in a month!!!!!

These are just some things I really recommend for you. Those place will be more interesting you ask your crush (or friend just in case you do not have one). Do not ever get there alone. It is just pointless to visit such a beautiful place like Tokyo if you can share that memory with someone else.

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