Oscar is Coming Soon!! The Nominees are There but Some should Make It to the List


Oscar will be coming to town anytime soon. February 26, 2017 (means tommorrow if you are in Asia) are the important day for the movie fans and film-addict from around the globe. That day will tell us which film is more worthed to watch than others.

Some people have their own prediction. Some of them just sit back and wait for the results. Whichever you are, the winners will always come from the Oscar nominee lists obviously.

Just in case you do not aware of the list, there is a clue for you.

Oscar Best Motion Picture Nominess
[/media-credit] Oscar Best Motion Picture Nominee

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Many people talk about La La Land. Any media, CNN, The Hollywood Reporter, you name it, argue that La La Land should win The Best Motion Picture in Oscar 2017. There is an optimism out there about its winning. La La Land make us ignore other nominees. But, how about the rest? They also deserve to win, right?

I ask you to think beyond that. Everything on the list can have the award. So, how about the film outside the list? Does that mean the film is not good to watch?

Of course not. There are many more films, produced in 2016 that should be on the list. What are they? Here are some of them.

Captain Fantastic

The story is about a couple, Ben Cash and Leslie, raised up their six children in the deep wilderness of Washington State. They isolate their children from modern society. Instead, they educate the kids to think critically with the help of nature. Everything is fine when the two are there. But, when Leslie dies suddenly, Ben has to take the duty of his own.

Nocturnal Animal

The film follows a woman named Susan. She received a book manuscript from her ex-husband. The script title is “Nocturnal Animal.” It revolves a man which have a family vacation that turns into violent and deadly. But somehow, the story include Susan’s real story. That makes her recall her dark truths she wants to forget forever.


The film reveals the story of one of the most tragic histories in American History. The history is seen through the eyes of the first lady of America, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. Someone assassinated her husband but it did not wipe love and dignity out of her life.

Patriots Day

There will no good in terrorism. On April 15, 2013, the bomb exploded during the biggest Marathon in America. After the attack, Police, Government, even FBI were chasing the bombers. They investigated the case. They were in a race with the time before the bombers did the same in another state.

Read the full review and spoiler here.

Oscar always like true story film. I do not why but I think because they think that a film should move people. A film should be a medium of expression. It should express a big idea, a truth that no one is brave enough to speak up.  That may be the reason why no science fiction film, if not many, ever nominated for Best Motion Picture.

To conclude, I just want to know your prediction so feel free to fill out the game below. I hope the result did not give me La La Land 🙁



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