The Founder, Reveal the True History of America’s Biggest Restaurants


Uncover the story of very successful person is always exciting. Knowing that they are all just the same with us is amazing. What differ the very successful person with the rest of us is only the luck. But, they made their own luck. They have persistence and determination to reach what we see as impossible success. They work very hard, all day and all night, to make the fortune come in their hand. Ray Kroc is one the person we are talking about right now. If you do not know him, I pretty sure, you are ever consume his hamburger. Yes, He is the king of the biggest food chain in the world, McDonald. All of his struggle, his strategy and his win are well-documented in the 2017 film titled The Founder.

The story starts when Ray Kroc, salesman of Prince Castle, pitched his multi-mixer to the milkshake store. Ray’s offer was rejected by the owner but he was still at there to wait his order. The speed disappointed him. It takes more than 20 minutes to serve a meal he did not order. He then traveled to other place but he only got another refusal. In other day, he called his company to ask another address. The person from Prince Castle gave him the address which make unusual order. Because of it, Ray had to go to California and found McDonald. McDonald was found by two brothers, Maurice “Mac” McDonald and Richard “Dick” McDonald. The two invited Ray to have a tour inside their revolutionary kitchen. Dick explained that his kitchen design and utensils were the backbones of McDonald’s fast-lightning service. The concept impressed Ray. He even came up with the idea of franchise to grow the business from coast to coast.

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Initially, Ray approached wealthy investors to franchise McDonald. However, they encounters poor management ethic which broke the original McDonald’s value. He then hit the idea to franchise the business to middle class investors. The idea was such a success because they were more likely to actively involved in day-to-day operation. McDonald restaurant spread out across the Midwest. Despite his tremendous success, Ray suffered with financial difficulties. He got little profit because McDonald’s brothers demanded a lot of profit-sharing percentage. The cost of each store was higher due to electric bill for the refrigerator. One of the solution was powdered milkshake but the brothers refused that. The banks chased him but in the same time, he met Harry Sonneborn, a financial consultant for Tastee Freeze. He suggested Ray that McDonald is not a hamburger company, it is in a real estate business. Since that, McDonald remodeled the business and became the largest restaurant chain in the world.

I am really sorry I do not cover the personal life of Ray Kroc. You can watch the film if you want to know more about it.


Do not be wrong about the title. The Founder is not talking about how a man build his empire of wealth. Instead, the film show us that we do not have to be the most talented or the smartest. We just have to be persistent. Beyond that, Michael Keaton performance as Ray Kroc is just wow! He acts like a bad guy who never give up in chasing the American Dream. He wonderfully reflect Ray Kroc is both a hero and villain. The plot is good: not so fast, not so slow. Overall, The Founder is a must-watch biopic film if you are willing to learn about business.

Producers : Don Handfield, Karen Lunder, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Ryder
Directors : John Lee Hancock
Writers : Robert D. Siegel
Starring : Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch, Linda Cardellini, Patrick Wilson, B. J. Novak, Laura Dern

Overall Rating: 4.3 of 5

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