Seoul Station, The Prequel of the The Phenomenal Train to Busan


Last year, my eyes and brain had blown away because there is an Asian film featured Zombie Apocalypse as the plot. Yeah, that’s true. I talked about Train to Busan. It becomes the wonderful phenomenon in Asian Film industry because of the zombie kinds of stuff they brought to the audience. But, if you have watched it before, don’t you think the film need the longer introduction? I mean, should it have the prequel to explain why the virus exist and infect people? Yeah, the producers know it so they release the prequel we deserve: Seoul Station.

As the title said, the story takes place in Seoul Station. All of sudden, an old man collapsed with no reason. He is just lying on the street with blood on his chest. Another man sees it and tries to take him into hospital but some bad guys beat him up. So, the man gets to the drugstoreĀ and buy some medication. However, when he came back, the old man come back to life and got insane. He became a blood-lusting zombie and terrorize people at the station. In the other part of the city, a woman named Hye-Sun had a fight with her boyfriend, Ki-woong. Ki-woong put her girlfriend’s photo in prostitution’s website but the ads are seen by the father. He goes find Ki-woong but Hye-SunĀ is gone minutes ago.

[/media-credit] the zombie

Hye-Sun got herself lost around the Seoul Station but the situation is in chaos. People get crazy and become blood-lusting zombies all of sudden. Other people some people run away outside the city but many more people get infected. Dad and Ki-woong try to contact her. But, Hye-Sun didn’t respond. She got trapped in a cell with other homeless. Hye-Sun try to escaped with the help of the old homeless drfiter. The two get back to the Seoul Station wait up her dad and Ki-woong. However, the city is already in chaos. Government build a wall to separate the people. They even shot everyone who try to pass through the wall. Hye-Sun do not want to give up. She looks for another way around, which is from the fancy apartment. Ki-woong took her up but Dad is not actually Hye-Sun dad. Dad killed Ki-woong and go after Hye-Sun without knowing she will become a zombie any sooner.


My expectation is so high when hearing Seoul Station. However, the film didn’t tell me something I want to know the most. Seoul Station is just like Train to Busan in animated version. The thrill, the fear and the desperate are more likely the same. But, I really like the plot. It is easy to follow even though there are some political issues inserted there. The animation is not bad. If you used to watch Japanese anime, Seoul Station might be not good for you. Why? Because the animators animate all possible movements by the character. So, the animation frequently blurred because the character is feared.

Producers : Suh Youngjoo, Lee Dong-ha, Yeon Sang-ho
Directors : Yeon Sang-ho
Writers : Yeon Sang-ho
Starring : Ryu Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung, Lee Joon

Overall Rating: 4.1 of 5

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