Impressed by The Lego Batman Movie, These are 5 Moments You will Never Forget


Batman has not to be serious all the time! Yeah, at least, The Lego Batman Movie prove it to us. The Batman in this film is not like what we see in any live action movie DC made. Just see Batman Begins to Batman v Superman, in those films, Batman are so dark and depressed. There is no room for smile or laugh, even love. Batman (and Bruce Wayne, obviously) never really fall in love with someone. There is no one he cares more than people of Gotham. However, that all changes in this Lego movie. Batman is funnier and even sarcastic. Thus, there are some moments you never forget because The Bat of Gotham is not like we usually see.


[/media-credit] The archenemy

The Joker: Do you want to play a game, do you, Batman? Save the city or catch your greatest enemy.
Batman: You think you’re my greatest enemy.
The Joker: What drives you to one-up the way that I do?
Batman: Superman.
The Joker: Superman’s not a bad guy!
Batman: I like to fight around.
The Joker: Are you seriously saying that there is nothing special about us?
Batman: There is no us.  Never will be. Now, I gotta diffuse that bomb.

The Joker thinks that he is the Batman’s nemesis. Batman refuse to believe that. Instead, he thinks that Superman is much more dangerous than the clown Prince of Crime (remember Dawn of Justice?). Yeah, Batman has no “real” enemy. He just likes fighting around other people.


[/media-credit] Alone in the big house

Batman: Hey mom, hey dad, I, um, I saved the city again today. I think you would have been really proud.
[suddenly Alfred comes up behind him scaring Batman]
Alfred Pennyworth: There you are!
[Batman suddenly kicks out at Alfred knocking him across the room]
Batman: Alfred, I am so sorry. I have incredible reflexes.

That scene happens after Batman successfully defeat The Joker again. Ah, poor Bruce Wayne. He saved his beloved city once again but he has no one to celebrate it. Even though he has anything, he always feels lonely because he just has Alfred by his side.


[/media-credit] he is more than just a butler

Batman: Computer, how do I put The Joker in Arkham Asylum, quickest route, no freeways?
[we the computer is in sleep mode]
Batman: Computer, do you hear me?
[suddenly we see Alfred]
Alfred Pennyworth: Hello, Master Bruce. I have just taken away your computer privilege.

Hahaha. Alfred is more powerful than we think. He can got the full control of Bat Cave if he can. He can even put Batman under parental lock! Wow….



div class=”mceTemp”>Slash FilmHe is accidentally adopted

Robin: Batman! Wow!
Batman: You’re darn right “Wow”.
Robin: Wait, does Batman live in Bruce Wayne’s basement?
Batman: No, Bruce Wayne lives in Batman’s attic.

That is the first time Dick Grayson come into the Bat Cave. After Batman got nothing to do because Joker was surrendered, Batman has to raise a child he accidentally adopted. But, instead of babysitting him in Wayne Manor, Bruce let Dick Grayson visit the Batman’s Cave.


[/media-credit] no pants = freedom

Robin: Wait, what’s that one there?
[he puts on the Reggae Man suit]
Robin: I love it. The only trouble is these pants are just a little tight. I got an idea.
[he takes off the pants]
Robin: Rip! That’s better. Now I’m free, now I’m moving. Come on, Batman, let’s get grooving!
[he keeps shaking his naked butt at Batman]
Batman: I can only look you in the eyes right now.

Not only let his child visit the cave, Bruce even let Dick Grayson become his sidekick. But, he had to choose his superhero costume first. He chooses The Reggae Man. But, the pants are very tight so he took it off for good. For me, it is such a cute but for Batman, it makes him see his kid only in the eyes.

Thanks to moviequotesandmore for the amazing quotes.

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