The Lego Batman Movie: Batman Still Need Family


Among other DC Comics characters, No one can argue that Batman is the most popular. Thanks to Nolan, now every person around the globe know who the Batman is. We all know the reason why A millionaire became a hero. We all know hie strict the moral value Batman has. Besides that, Batman in the big screen always be the one who remember the tragedy and never laugh. I made me think like there will be no room for comedy in every Batman film. This month, I realize I was wrong. Batman can be funny, but not in live-action. Yeah, Batman aka Bruce Wayne has sense of humor and you can see that on The Lego Batman Movie.

The story starts when The Joker hijack a plane full of C4 and bomb. He even scares the pilot with his horrible smile. However, the pilot is not terrified because Batman always take down The Joker, including this time. The Joker gets angry. He plan a bomb under Gotham City and drown people above it. Detective Gordon orders all Gotham police to evacuate the people. The Batman is coming within a minute. He beat up The Joker and his people. However, the bomb is now active. It makes Batman to let The Joker go. The bomb is successfully defused and Batman save the day, as always. He gets back to Bat Cave with no one in there, even Alfred. So, he end up making his own food. Alone.

[/media-credit] Lonely Gotham Protector

Alfred told Bruce that his behavior is not healthy. The Batman cannot protect Gotham by his own. Alfred thinks that Bruce is just afraid to being part of family again. The first step is to raise a child he accidentally adopted, Dick Grayson. Instead of became a father, Bruce teach Dick Grayson to be his sidekick. In other side, Barbara Gordon, the new Gotham commissioner, plan to work together with Batman. She thinks that Batman should work under the law. In ¬†the middle of the inauguration, The Joker and other Batman enemies attack them but he surrender. Because of that, Gotham is now safe. People even start to think they don’t need Batman anymore. However, Bruce is still worry. He thinks that the Joker tricks people. So, he and Robin go to Metropolis and steal Phantom Zone Projector. Batman want to send Joker to the Phantom Zone once and for all. However, it makes more Bad Guys come to Gotham. Batman cannot fix his mistake alone. He needs people to help him. More than that, he needs a new family to save Gotham City.


Superb!!! The Lego Batman Movie is one of Batman film that I watch more than twice. The Batman here is not really dark. Instead, he act like Batman with sarcasm. I even think his talks is much more than the Joker. The plot is so exciting. There is action, drama and comedy in just one single movie. The Lego Batman Movie successfully explore the loneliness of Batman and bring it to comedic situation. Not to mention many funny lines from the Bat of Gotham. I even make special request to my colleague to make special articles about everything he said. Overall, the film is wonderful.

Producers : Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Directors : Chris McKay
Writers : Seth Grahame-Smith, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers, Jared Stern, John Whittington
Starring : Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes

Overall Rating: 4.6 of 5

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