Bangkit!, An Indonesian Attempt to Goes to Hollywood


When you talk about Film industry, you must think about Hollywood. It is common to be like that because all of the technology we see on big screen are developed there. All of the CGI, Green Screen, Explosion or any beautiful special effect existed because the directors, actors and producers are brave enough to innovate. When Hollywood had released 2012, Avatar or Transformer, other country still making drama. It is not bad actually but the industry should change. That change is here, in Indonesia by the time Bangkit! was in theater. It is known as the first disaster film made by 100% Indonesian. So, how was it? Was Bangkit! worth-watching film?

The story centered around Addri, member of Basarnas or SAR Team. He had a beautiful life. He is very dedicated with his job and his family know it exactly. However, Jakarta experience heavy rain. The weather are getting bad because the the wind from Australia passed through Java Island bring water along the way. It means jobs for Addri and other Basarnas member. Unfortunately, it disappointed his daughter. She is upset with her father because he cannot attend her concert. The reason is Addri had to save Arifin who trap in the basement of a building. This incident made him miss his wedding with Denanda.

[/media-credit] Search for the tunnel

Arifin is actually a member of BMKG (). His experience warn him that Jakarta is in danger. The data in his office is not representing the actual condition. He told his boss, Hadi, but he refuse to believe it. Back to Addri. He lost his daughter because he decides to save other people instead of his daughter. His wife and his son are upset him but he cannot just stand still in the barrack. He goes back to the field to rescue other people in the middle of the disaster. Arifin had predict that heavy rain will break Katulampa Dam in Bogor. It will flood Jakarta within 2 hours. Before that happen, he met Addri and ask him to search for tunnel under Jakarta. It will channel the water directly to the sea. They had to be fast, because flood is not the only threat. Earthquake and intensity of rain threaten all people in Jakarta. In the chaotic situation, both Addri and Arifin had to their best to save the city.


As the first disaster film made by Indonesian, Bangkit! are a good attempt. The story is good but the CGI is not that good. I personally like the drama. The emotion of all characters can be felt by audiences, especially me. It make me think like what should I do first, saving my loved one or other people. This dilemma are well-explored. However, I cannot say it is worth-watching. There are many things that need to be fixed, especially the continuity of the plot.

Produsers : Reza Hidayat
Directors : Rako Prijanto
Writers : Anggoro Saronto
Starring : Vino Bastian, Acha Septriasa, Deva Mahenra, Putri Ayudya

Overall Rating: 3.9 of 5

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