When Zombie Apocalypse is Coming, This is What We Gonna Do

Run Alice Run

Zombie apocalypse is a hot commodity in Hollywood. Every film with zombies in it will be popular. Everyone is excited to got the theater, whatever the title is. Even the films disappoint them, they do it again and again when there is another poster featured zombies or end of the world. You do not even realize it? Just watch Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. It got 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb give 6.2 out of 10 to it. However, There are some critics, independent critics in this case, giving it high rating for such a story. What the heck???

Yeah, It is the prove that zombie apocalypse story amaze people, a lot of people. Could it be real? I do not know the details. But, the answer is “It CAN be.” There are some reasons that make me scared about the rise of Zombie apocalypse.

The Use of Nanobot

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Nanobot, the robot in nano-meter size can be the trigger of the rise of Zombie population. Scientists already discovered Nano-Cyborg. It is basically a virus with tiny silicone chip and it can operate in a dead body. This cyborg can crawl deep inside the brain. This is the horror part: the Nano-Cyborg can set up new neural connection! If the tech is advanced enough, it is not weird when the Nano-Cyborg can turn dead man into cyborg aka Zombies.

 The Spread of Brain Parasites

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Many films featured this in the plot. They tell us that there is a parasite that can infect our brain activity, and it is not really impossible. Scientists know there is a parasite called  Toxoplasmosa Gondii. It originally infects rats (to their brain obviously) and it makes rats to “hang out” near the cats. The parasite reprogrammed rat’s brain to get itself eaten. But, since rats and human are most likely similar, there is a chance of it to infect us. The parasite make us lose our rational thoughts. This fact will overwhelm you: Half of the world’s human population is infected with Toxoplasma!

The Practice of Neurogenesis

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People are dead when their brain stop functioning. Even when you lose some of your body parts, as long as your brain is still there, you are still alive. However, nowadays, there are some method to regrow human dead brain tissue. In other words, we can bring someone back to life again. The horror is there is a journal of that. Scientists can relive dead man and “animate” the brain functions. However, that method break up the cortex, the brain part that makes us human. If it is broken, that man will have no memory, no thoughts and no personality. Sound like zombie, right?

However, the next billion dollar question arise, what should we, me in this case, do when zombie apocalypse is coming?

What Should We Do if All of Them Goes Wrong?

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People still think that zombie apocalypse is just a fiction but it may come, somehow, faster than we thought. If all of this goes wrong and zombie apocalypse is not a bad dream, this is what I will do.

Do Nothing, Just Let it Happen

YA, ya, ya. Just that. you may upset with my answer. But, give some minutes to explain.

If people, people around you. The people that you love are go rogue because they are now zombie, I do not think I will do the same thing with Alice in Resident Evil. I am not that good at fighting and my will is not that strong. If Alice does her best to save the world, I will let the zombie make me one of them. There is no point to fight when all of your loved one are the zombie. It is a doomsday. Just keep calm and let it happen. Why I have to stop the infection? This is the end of the world. This is end of our kind. Just let the destiny do their job to wipe human out of the globe.

Thanks to cracked for the information.

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