Please Do not Be Like Rachel Watson, The Clear Reason Why Alcohol Should Be Avoided

Rachel and alcohol in her hand

Have you watch The Girl On The Train? This is a good film actually, but still, there are people out there (I mean film critics) who think this film sucks. I do not why but most of them do not like Rachel and her characterization. I have to admit, Rachel is typically useless woman. She just do her daily routine with no purpose. She commutes everyday with the same train just to see her ex-husband’s life. More than that, She often imagine she had perfect and happy marriage. That imagination is deep rooted inside her mind. She sometimes cannot differ the reality and dream. Depression, sadness, guilt make her down so deep. At the moment, she thinks that alcohol can make her better. But, she is wrong, totally wrong. It just make her worse than before.

[Very Short] History of Alcohol

Alcohol has been known for thousand years ago. Back to 7000 B.C, there is a strong evidence that alcohol (fermented beverage in this case) existed in China. India also had their version of alcohol, called Sura. Around 3000 or 2000 B.C, that beverage is made from distilled rice. The Babylonians took Alcohol to the next level. They even worshiped Goddess of alcohol as early as 2700 B.C.

However, the first modern alcohol we met everyday is developed at the beginning of the eighteenth century. In that time, British parliament have passed a law encouraging the use of grain for alcohol. That was very cheap so it flooded British market crazily. British consumed nearly 18 million gallons. Alcoholism became widespread and it started to trigger temperance movement among people.

In 1920, US parliament took the different move. They passed the law that prohibit manufacture, sale, import and export alcohol. However, the prohibition of alcohol was cancelled later in 1933. Because of that, around 15 million Americans have suffered from alcoholism in any mean.

Why should it be banned?

Alcohol  is now becoming a culture. Many people, regardless their socioeconomic class or gender, are now addicted with this beverage. I am not telling you it is not good for your health. It is true and I do not need to tell it any further. There is much worse effect that you do not even realize. Yeah, alcohol make you STUPID. If you think you are smart enough, just take a little alcohol and your IQ will drop significantly. You will become ridiculous. You will not disturbed people around you. Instead, you offer such an entertainment and fun because of you are being silly.  You cannot believe me?

Yes, you can. but please wait until you see these evidences:

~ Your Political Views will not Help You ~

~ Another Function of 911 Call ~

~ Taco Bell Should Put Their Costumers in the First Place ~

~ Are You Jack Sparrow? ~

~ The Best Holiday Ever ~

See? I really recommend you not to drink alcohol. I do not wanna see you do silly things. But, if you want, I cannot forbid you so you are on your own.

Thanks to buzzfeed and drugfreeworld for images and the insights.


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