The Girl On The Train: Having Sex or Alcohol Addiction are NOT a Good Combination

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There is a strong reason why we are not allowed to be a drunker. It maybe okay in the western but if you live in eastern part of the world, like me, drinking alcohol is taboo.  People will see a drunker as a troublemaker and useless. I am pretty sure a heavy drunker will be expelled from the society. Sex is also the same. Sex without marriage is the worst thing people can do in their life. It may be fine for the western but again, eastern people will not think the same way. But, there is a novel out there which catch those two things together and wrap them with a mystery to solve. The novel reached the success and listed in The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2015. It was in the top position for 13 consecutive weeks, until April 2015. In 2016, the novel is adapted to be a film with the title The Girl On The Train.

The film is about Rachel Watson, a 32-year-old alcoholic woman who was so depressed after her divorce. All of this started when Rachel and Tom, her ex-husband, know that they cannot have a child. Rachel was so down after hearing that news and alcohol make her better. However, the more alcohol she drunk, the more violent her behavior is. She often harassed Tom, but because she frequently had a blackouts, she never remember what she did in the last time. At one time, Tom cannot be with Rachel any longer. She had an affair with another woman, Anna. Later, they are married and had a little daughter, Evie. Rachel was falling into a deep depression. Her alcoholic addiction is worsening. Rachel had no purpose or life. She had no job to do and just followed her routine. She was just taking the commuter line to London every day and seeing her old house from the train.

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Tom’s life is much better than Rachel’s. He had beautiful wife and cute little child. To help her wife, Tom hired his neighbor, Megan, as a nanny. However, there is a horrible truth behind Tom’s happy family. Tom was actually the one who got violent, not Rachel. He also had an another affair with Megan until she got pregnant. Tom did not plan to tell it to Anna, so he killed Megan in the middle of silent forest. Rachel witnessed it but Tom beat her up. Rachel get a blackouts. She forget everything that happen right in front of her eyes. Later, Megan was missing. Rachel helped Megan’s husband, Scott, to reveal the truth because she see her with other man, Dr. Kamal Abdic. Rachel cannot recall her memory completely but Scott still believe her. Day by day, she tried to investigate the case and know that her ex-husband is a sex-addict.


For the first, I am so sorry because I feel I cannot sum up the overall story completely. Honestly, The Girl On The Train is too complex to sum up in just two paragraph. The story is not only about Rachel, but also Anna and Megan. I like how story goes. The story like guide me to accuse Anna for the death of Megan. I never realize that the killer is another person. The mystery part is compelling but I do not like how Detective Sgt. Riley solve the case. She did nothing. She just force Rachel to confess something she never did. Overall, this film will be good if you expect unpredictable murder case.

Producers : Marc Platt
Directors : Tate Taylor
Writers : Erin Cressida Wilson
Starring : Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Allison Janney, Édgar Ramírez, Lisa Kudrow

Overall Rating: 4.1 of 5

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