The Fabulous Udin: a Social Genius, an Optimist and a Friend

Udin and his friends

The root of psychology is to understand people. But, as you know, people are very very hard to understand. Sometimes they want that, but in another time, just 5 minutes away, they can instantly change their mind. We are all human, but we still do not know who we are, how we should live the life and why we do a certain action. There are many things scientists and psychologists can discover from how-to-be-human questions. If you are like me, who had difficulty to understand people, I recommend you to watch The Fabulous Udin. It may be not a popular film but I guarantee you can learn many things during 1 hour and 38 minutes duration.

The film tells a story about Udin, a young man live in rural area. He had a beautiful life with his friends; Inong, Jacky and Ucup. His friends see him like a social genius. He could solve people’s problem with out-of-the-box solutions, or sometimes pretty weird. However, all of his idea is effective. So that’s why, students and people like him so much. One day, there is a girl come to his school. Her name was Suri. He had cancer in her brain. Doctor said she might be passed away within months, but she refused to be hopeless and pessimistic. Udin admires her spirit and personality. He thinks he has fallen in love with Suri from the first sight.

[/media-credit] Suri’s condition is getting worst

Suri later made friends with Udin, Inong, Ucup and Jacky. They play together and never see Suri different from them. There is no notable characteristics of her. She likes to held a competition and Udin usually win that. One day, all students planned to abandon a rude teacher. Because of his attitude, no one in school like him. Udin found a way and later students successfully send him off the school. There is also one moment where Udin show his competency in solving problem. When Jacky’s sister’s boyfriend passed away, Jacky sister got crazy, very crazy. She planned to commit suicide just to meet her boyfriend. Again, Udin has an out-of-the-box solution for that. He convinced the preacher to marry them! However, he can’t do anything when it comes to Suri. What he can do is to fulfill her dream and make it true.


Honestly, this film is far from good. The plot is flat. There is no thrill, no life pressure. Udin is shown as a prefect guy. He never made a mistake. He always can handle problems he faced. But, maybe there is a reason for that. The Fabolous Udin is full of life lessons. The film wants to teach you something. The film wants to teach you how to deal with problems. It is good actually but when it becomes too preachy, it will never be as good as expected.

Produsers : Chand Parwez Servia
Directors : Herdanius Larobu
Writers : Rons Imawan
Starring : Ajil Ditto, Bella Graceva Amanda Putri, Aldy Rialdy Indrawan, Difa Ryansyah, Zulfa Maharani Putri, Raza Adhanzio, Musdalifah Basri, Lidya Kandou, Fandy Christian, Ussy Sulistiawaty

Overall Rating: 3.9 of 5

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