Justice League Dark: Fighting Dark Magic with Constantine and Batman

in the House of Mystery

If Marvel fans have Doctor Strange, the fans of DC Comics have Constantine. There is no live action film about him until now. He just had been featured in some series like Arrow but it seems like Constantine needs his own standalone film so that he can be as popular as Doctor Strange. But, you can still see him in action in some animation. The newest is titled Justice League Dark. As you can see, Justice League Dark is a superhero team, like ordinary Justice League, but they fight against magic and supernatural irregularities. The team consists of some magician and supernatural being and also Batman. Wait, Batman? Yeah, this guy is also a member of the team.

The story starts in panic, chaotic situation because of some people intend to kill others for no reason. This happens in all over the world. The suspects say they did that because they feel their life is in danger. They see other people around them as demonic monster. Justice League take over the case and start to investigate this strange behaviour. They end up to assume that dark magic is the reason why people are violent these days. But, the members are useless when dealing with that. So, Batman thinks to ask another superhero for a help. Bruce Wayne looks for Constantine, but before that he needs to meet Zatanna first. She initially refused Batman’s request, but Deadman, a ghost. convinced her to bring Batman to Constantine. After that, Batman, Zatanna and Deadman went to House of Mystery, Constantine’s home, and share all information they have.

[/media-credit] John Constantine and the Team

The heroes visit Ritchie Simpson, friend of Constantine. He gave the team a Keshanti Key, a magical artifact used to access different planes of existence. Constantine used the artifact to investigate one of the victim’s memory but the rest of the team were attacked by demonic being. All of them get back to dying Ritchie and Jason Blood. Constantine brought them into his house, gather additional information. From Jason, the names Felix Faust was mentioned as the number one suspect. He searched for an artifact called Dreamstone. The team went after Felix Faust, but the real enemy is Ritchie. The power of Dreamstone transform him into Destiny. Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Jason aka Etrigan and also Swamp Thing had to defeat before he made the people, and Justice League members, were killing each other.


For me, I think the story of Justice League Dark is confusing. DC Comics is like forcing me to go into DC Animated Universe deeper than before. I do not know who Ritchie Simpson is. I do not know why he uses the Dreamstone. It is just not really easy to follow the plot. However, the overall battle is wonderful. The fighting scenes are entertaining. I also like to see the characteristic of Constantine. Sometimes, he was a bad guy but sometimes, he also can act like a hero. The Batman and Bruce Wayne is also cool. He had minor screen time but memorable.

Directors : Jay Oliva
Writers : Ernie Altbacker
Starring : Matt Ryan, Jason O’Mara, Camilla Luddington, Nicholas Turturro, Ray Chase

Overall Rating: 4.3 of 5

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