Hacksaw Ridge: War is Evil and Humanity Should Get Rid of It

his unconventional belief made him a leader

War is evil. It turns innocence to a killer. People just only have two choices when they decide to win a war; death or wounded. Nothing good happens in the middle of a war, just blood, tears and dead body. We know that but we are still looking a war as the ultimate answer of  everything. Believe it or not, humanity tends to do violence to solve problems. Every nation on earth are in race of making their military the best in the world. It seems like there is a pride in winning a war. The winners will get the respect, honor and appreciation. But, they do not realize there are blood in exchange for that. Desmond Doss had told me so in the film titled Hacksaw Ridge.

Hacksaw Ridge follow the story of Desmond Doss, a young man living in Lynchburg, Virginia during the Great Depression. When he was still a child, he nearly killed his brother, Hal. His father got mad but his mom did let him to beat Desmond back. This incident was traumatizing and after that, he always remind the sixth commandment: You shall not kill. Years later, Desmond met Dorothy Schutte after he saved a man in car accident. Both Desmond and Dorothy began to be a lover. From her, Desmond learnt many things about medical and later joined up for the military. However, his strong religious belief made everybody at training camp in Fort Jackson, hate him so much. He refused to bear arms. People see Desmond like a coward but he proved they were all wrong. He passed all training, except bearing arms.

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Those made Sergeant Howell thought Desmond was having mental illness. But again, Desmond proved he was just a a conscientious objector. Months later, Doss’ unit is assigned to the 77th Infantry Division. The unit had to participate in the Battle of Okinawa and relieved the 96th Infantry Division. The battlefield, nicknamed “Hacksaw Ridge,” was so hard for them. U.S. military forces have been pushed off the ridge three times with heavy casualties. Many of his friends died for serving the country. But, Desmond still refused to use arms to kill and to defense. In the next battle, Japanese forces launched a massive counterattack and drove the Americans off Hacksaw, except the coward Desmond Doss. He decided to stand still in Hacksaw Ridge, saved as many life as he could. He sacrificed his life serving not only his country, but also his peers.


Directed by Mel Gibson, I think Hacksaw Ridge becomes his greatest bible-based film after The Passion Of The Christ. It is fantastically told the story of a bravest “coward” alive. If you look at the premise, it is just simple but the execution demonstrates his admirable mastery to visually narrate scenes, especially when battles are involved. The war is dramatically realistic. You will see dead body, blood, and pain everywhere. Andrew Garfield can take the main role and tell the important religious message to everyone. The film begins with light enough start but it gets darker and brutal ending. I hope Hacksaw Ridge can reach many people around the globe and put any useless war to an end.

Producers : Terry Benedict, Paul Currie, Bruce Davey, William D. Johnson, Bill Mechanic, Brian Oliver, David Permut
Directors : Mel Gibson
Writers : Andrew Knight, Robert Schenkkan
Starring : Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer, Hugo Weaving, Rachel Griffiths, Vince Vaughn

Overall Rating: 4.6 of 5

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