Passengers, Get Stuck in Universe with the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence

Awake because of the malfunction

Believe it or not, Earth is getting older and older. Scientists even predict earth will only exist for about thousands years later. It is still very long time but, doesn’t it sound scary? Global warming and endless war speed up the “doomsday.” Out world is in the extinction and humanity will disappear in the universe. In many sci-fi movies, the solution is making new colony in another earth-like planet. Humanity should travel across the universe to have a fresh start and room to grow. However, the journey takes decades to go and anything, bad and good, can be happen during the time. That is the premise of the new film titled Passengers.

The story take place in Starship Avalon. The ship currently in the middle of the journey to reach Homestead II, a new planet for living. It takes 120 years, but the malfunction in the ship make one passenger awake far too early. He is Jim Preston, a mechanical engineer. He is the only passenger awake. Around 5000 other passengers are still hibernating in the pod. Yeah, he is literally alone in the huge space ship, in empty and quiet universe, for about a year. His only companion is the android bartender named Arthur. But still, he needs another human being to talk to. His life in pod is meaningless until he notices an attractive woman, sleep beautifully in her hibernation pod.

[/media-credit] the only lover in outer space

Jim has a crush with her. He discovers her personality through video profiles. She is Aurora Lane, a writer. The more the video reveals Aurora’s personality, the more Aurora attracts him. At one point, after struggling with morality, Jim awakens Aurora, tell her that they are the victims of Star-ship’s malfunction. She feels devastated but Jim helps her to accept everything bad in her life. Instead, she starts to write her loneliness in the ship as well as her romantic experience with Jim. A year later, Arthur accidentally tell the truth to Aurora. She got mad with Jim because he has taken her life. One day, another failure awakens another man, the Chief Deck Officer named Gus. Unfortunately, he was dying and the failure spread out. The gravity is lost and the system disable to repair the system. Both Jim and Aurora find and trace the failure. The reason was the asteroid collision two years earlier that damaged the computer administering the reactor. The only choice is to open up the vent manually from outside. Jim sacrifices himself, and save everyone’s life especially his lover, Aurora Lane.


Romance is not my favorite. I will never watch any romance films because I want to. But, Passengers is different. I can say, their love is a fake. Jim made Aurora love him because there is no choice left. More than that, Jim tells us that being lonely is scary. Jim was willing to do anything to get out of loneliness. But, I personally think that Aurora is too kind as a normal person. Jim had murdered her life but she seemed to forgive him too easy. It is cliche but I am really amazed with the space travelling parts.

Producers : Neal H. Moritz, Stephen Hamel, Michael Maher, Ori Marmur
Directors : Morten Tyldum
Writers : Jon Spaihts
Starring : Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Andy García

Overall Rating: 4.3 of 5

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