What Makes Going to School a Bad Decision Nowadays?


SCHOOL SUCKS!! This slogan is becoming more popular in this modern day. When people talk about success, they will refer to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg. Besides of their money, their way of life is also popular. They are super rich because they dropped out from schools. They prefer to build their own empire rather than being lectured for something they do not like. Many young people amaze with the story and start to break the culture of “going-to-school-to-be-success.”

The rising of online course also contribute to it. Nowadays, we do not have to attend conventional school. What we need to get a degree is just an internet connection and time. That’s it. Formal degree is the only thing keep us from dropping out. So, if we can afford in from behind the monitor, SCHOOL is just NOTHING.

I am in twenty something years old now. I am still a student, a formal student in a local university. For the sake of better education, my campus cooperate with overseas university. From the management point of view, it is good for students because students can have dual degree. They also think that students will be more adaptable with globalization because of the cooperation. The fact is a BIG NO. I am suffered from tight schedules. The assignments are taking my weekend out of my life. When I give up and drop some of the courses, my adviser and lecturer told me wrong. I was blamed because I gave up from something I do not know at all.

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I saw my friends suffered too but they still fight for it. They do the assignments all day and all night just to get a good marks. They search the answer online, paste it to Word and claim it as the original works. When I ask them about the materials a week later, they forget it at once because they have to finish the next tasks. If that is so bad, what is the point of going to school? School hurts me badly.

Okay, my opinion may be wrong, very wrong. But, the film Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life have the same thought with me.

1. My name is Rafe Khatchadorian and welcome to my first day of middle school. Every middle school is filled with the same types of kids. There are the kids you want to hang out with and the kids you want to avoid. But in my new school, the biggest bully isn’t even a kid. So, yeah, this year’s not going to be fun.

Making friends in school or university is usually frustrating. It is much better to ask your best friend to go the same school or university. You can still do that by the way, but others will see you as a stranger. It takes much time to befriend unless you are amazingly good-looking and smart. Being too humble and friendly also not a good choice. Trying to be an “apple polisher” will make other people see you as their rival. And I bet it is much better to have more friends than enemies. Not to mention the boring and stiff principals and staffs. If those happen to you, I just wanna say “have a good day, pal.”

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