Assassin’s Creed, Saving Human’s Free Will with Calum and the Creed

Sentence to death but Templar save him

Making a film from other media like novel, comic book and video game is risky. The film will always be compared to the original material, no matter what. Daredevil (2003), The Great Gatsby (1974) and Resident Evil (2002) are the real example. Rotten Tomatoes rate them 44%, 39% and 34%  consecutively. The number told us that many people are upset with the adaptation. The films are so bad until they prefer to consume the original materials. However, that does not stop producers, directors, etc to try making better films. The last try and also the most anticipated adaptation is Assassin’s Creed. The hype arise even before the trailer is released.

The film set in 1942, in Spanish Inquisition. The story evolves around Aguilar de Nerha, who is one of the fighter in Assassin’s Brotherhood. This secret order would protect the Prince of Granada. But the real purpose was to keep Apple of Eden safe from Templar order. Story continued to 1986, a boy named Calum Lynch saw his father, Joseph Lynch, kill his mother. The Abstergo Foundation captures him but let Calum to run. 30 years later, Calum is sentenced to death after killing of a pimp who tried to mug him. Abstergo Foundation saves him and fake his death only for one purpose, use him in experiment.

[/media-credit] Anguilar and Maria, the Assassins

The organization is actually the modern-day order of Templar. The company’s head scientist, Dr. Sophia Rikkin reveals that Calum is direct descendant of Aguilar. She introduces Animus project to Calum, tell him that he is the cure of the world disease. The truth is Sophia wants to relive his ancestor’s life to locate the Apple of Eden. She and her father believes that the apple contain the genetic code of human’s free will. Both of them think that Templar and Abstergo Foundation has to destroy it to eradicate violence from the world. Sophia makes a deal with Calum. She offers a freedom if Calum uses the Animus. This is the bad decision because Calum Lynch and some other people somehow regain the memory of Assassins. That machine enables them to move and fight like the ancient Assassins. Once again, they have to fight Templar to protect the free will.

note: I do not include the past event in Andalusia, like how Aguilar and Maria rescue Prince Ahmed de Granada from the Templar Knights. It simply because it is too hard for me to describe it. Sorry.


So far, I personally think that Assassin’s Creed is the better film adaptation I have watched. The film successfully presents the atmosphere of Spanish Inquisition in Andalusia. The acrobatic move of the Assassins impressed me very much. The problem is the story. It is pretty confusing and my brain has to work harder to follow the story. Oh, the transition between the old and current event is just messy. The pace hurts my eyes, really.

Producers : Jean-Julien Baronnet, Gérard Guillemot, Frank Marshall, Patrick Crowley, Michael Fassbender, Conor McCaughan, Arnon Milchan
Directors : Justin Kurzel
Writers : Michael Lesslie, Adam Cooper, Bill Collage
Starring : Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Charlotte Rampling, Michael K. Williams

Overall Rating: 4.0 of 5

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