Deepwater Horizon, The Man-Made Disaster Got Real

Mike Williams and Caleb Holloway

I personally thought that managerial stuffs is underrated. People think that these are easy jobs. Almost everyone can do those things well. High payroll, comfortable room and easy tasks, what else do you need? With this writing, I admit that my thought is totally wrong. A movie Deepwater Horizon told me that lesson. A manager, no matter the level is, takes important role of the flow of business. Frequently, the entire employees can suffer because the mistake of the manager, even if the decision is slightly incorrect.

Deepwater Horizon, a BP oil rig operated by Transocean contractor, open up the new drilling spot in southern coast of Louisiana. However, the Rig manager and the technician member, Jimmy Harrell and Mike Williams, are upset and dissapointed after knowing that BP liaison Donald Vidrine rejected to pour the concrete and sent the workers back. Both of them thought that his idea was totally reckless and nonsense. The concrete makes the rig stable but he easily ignored that risk for the sake of money and speed. Because of that, Jimmy Harrell and Mike Williams suggested the crew to conduct negative tests. Under this test, the well is allowed to go into an under-balanced state in a controlled manner, to check for any leaks in the liner tubular connections. It should usually perform when the last production liner has been run and cemented in place.

[/media-credit] worst oil spill in US history

The first test run and it resulted number higher than a thousand psi. Jason Anderson, the crew, told everyone that the number is not good but Donald Vidrine insists. Jason run the second test on the killing line and the result show 0 pressure. This number motivate Donald Vidrine to start the drilling. At first, everything is alright but couple minutes later, the disaster happen. The drilling line blowout crazily and set the entire rig on fire. Jimmy tried to control the situation with the favor of Mike and Caleb. Andrea contacted the Coast Guard but they cannot come soon. A lifeboat is their only option. But, the boat is separated from the rig before Mike and Andrea can board. In the panic and hopeless condition, the two had to jump out from the ten stories helipad and wait the rescuers save them.


Deepwater Horizon incident is the worst oil spill disaster in US history. It kills 11 people and contaminate the Gulf of Mexico. The rig is on fire for about 80 days and if you have watched it, the fire is really really bad. As a movie, it is not just entertaining but also teaching me something. There is no other word to express my compliment but I underline how the story flows. Mike Williams does not look like the main protagonist. He is just other person who survived from the accident. Nothing special for him to be the main star of the film. But overall, Deepwater Horizon will give you lesson about managerial things.

In the film, BP is blamed for the cause of the disaster, please read this article to take a deeper information about the oil spill.

Producers : Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian, Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, David Womark
Directors : Peter Berg
Writers : Matthew Michael Carnahan, Matthew Sand
Starring : Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, John Malkovich, Gina Rodriguez, Dylan O’Brien, Kate Hudson

Overall Rating: 4.3 of 5

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