Facing Unseen Enemy in Netflix Original Film, Spectral

Dr. Clyne

All things in the world always has 2 sides, the bad and the good. A war is no exception. A war produces poverty, fear and death. But, it is a great business also. There is no technological and scientific advancement before a war trigger it. It involves big players, big money, and big impacts. But, can you ever imagine to deal with an invisible enemies? I hope you won’t because I am pretty sure the winning probability will drop significantly. Netflix Original Film will show you how to beat up a kind of Enemy in Spectral.

The story starts when a DARPA scientist named Dr. Mark Clyne was asked to fly to Moldova. There is a civil war in that European country and US military was sent there to keep the civilians. However, US soldiers have to deal with something else. They have to face something unknown. That things can kill people in seconds. That things are only visible when people using his hyperspectral image goggles. Dr. Clyne, General Orland and Madison from CIA discussed about the Spectral things. They can create theories as many as possible but they all lack of data. Dr. Clyne needs clearer shots to identify what they are. As the first try, he installs a hyperspectral camera in an armoured personnel carrier. He get there with Madison and Delta Force soldiers to find Utah team, whos was minssing a day before.

[/media-credit] Delta Force meet ghosts

After arriving to the location, they discovered that all Utah team is killed, only one soldiers alive because he hid under the bathtub. Other Delta Force goes upstairs but some Spectral comes up and kill some of them instantly. The rest escape but the carriers are down because of Moldovan rebellion’s bombs. The rest soldiers regroup and take cover in an abandoned factory where they found two kids there. The Spectral follow them but unable to enter because of the barrier made up by iron shavings surround the factory. They need to go back to the base but they can’t unless Dr. Clyne modify the weapons and turning the camera into a hyperspectral torchlight. After the group reach the hall, a helicopter picked them up to a civilian bunker under control of Moldovan military. Every soldiers in the bunker is the last defensive line to protect the people. Dr. Clyne has a deduction. He thinks the Spectral is man made Bose-Einstein condensate so he made new weapons with the stuffs left. But, it is not enough. He, Madison and the soldiers have to go to Masarov power plant to stop Spectral once for all.


Netflix never make me upset. Their Original TV shows like Daredevil and House of Card do a good job to entertain people, so do the film. Spectral shows me a fear and worry to face things people never know. The battle is epic and the Dr. Clyne character is wonderful. Don’t ask about the visual because it looks very well. However, I recommend you to set aside your logic because it decreases the excitement and enjoyment. Also, why Dr. Clyne is so perfect? Why can he modify all military weapons overnight? So, I said to you to just enjoy the film. Therefore, Spectral will be better if the duration is longer because the story line can be more comprehensive and believable.

Producers : Jon Jashni, Thomas Tull
Directors : Nic Mathieu
Writers : Ian Fried, John Gatins, George Nolfi
Starring : James Badge Dale, Max Martini, Emily Mortimer, Bruce Greenwood

Overall Rating: 4.4 of 5

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