If You are Edward Snowden, What Should You Do?

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If you are Edward Joseph Snowden, what should you do?

If you’re creating something incredible but others use that in a way you don’t like, what should you do?

If you are so brilliant at something, in what extend you serve others with your skill?

What will you do if know your work is somehow used to harm others?

Too many “if” then, too many possibilities to be chosen. Too many possible consequences we have to face if we are Edward Snowden. I am lucky enough to be not born as him.

The Bad of Intelligents

take your freedom back
[/media-credit] take your freedom back

We all agree that terrorism is the worst crime humans ever involved to. It kills people, many innocent people for unclear reason. We can’t question that action before someone died. Not because we are afraid to fight but simply because we don’t know the plan. We just drown into a fear.

That’s where “intelligent” should take place. An Intel should take preventive action before bad things happen to the ordinary society. All Intel go behind the shadow to fight terrorists before they harm more innocent people. All Intel have to ensure there will be no World War Three.

Today, the problem is more complex. The war does not only happen in the field, In Iran, In Iraq, In Afghanistan or any places in the world. The real threat now is cyber terrorism. Internet is such a blessing. It enables us to connect and understand each other. Distance is not a big deal, but the communication is. Cyber world is the next battlefield. Since everything done behind the monitor, cyber terrorists is almost undetectable. The word “undetectable” here is important because reality said, there are two top-secret institutions that have authorization to hack the cyber terrorists back, CIA and NSA.

In many films, CIA is the good guy heroically fighting crime for the sake of human being. The agents always know the target and do whatever it takes to take the enemy down. What you and I do not know is how can they know their target? NSA completes the whole story.

thank you Ed!!
[/media-credit] thank you Ed!!

US government warrant NSA activities through Foreign Intelligent Surveillance Act. The impact is NSA has legal authorization to track and locate those who are labeled as “target”. Everything they do through internet including email, chat and Skype are filtered first. The film Snowden told me that for every 3 people, there will be 2.5 million people who are connected with them. NSA literally monitor all people and look for anything threaten US national security, ideally.

However, “ideal” means nothing in this world. NSA activities are beyond our thoughts and FISA guarantees that. They dig everything we do in the front of electronic devices. They have access to all human activities as long as they are online. NSA will know our email and phone contacts. NSA will know the content we share on every single social media, our tweet, our Instagram story, our moment on Path, literally everything. We never know and realize that because we simply don’t care about that. We let government control us behind the “terrorist-preventive-action” excuse.

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