Fight for Your Loved One Like Taichi in Chihayafuru Part 2

Chihaya is beaten up

Loving someone is hurting. I mean, you opened yourself to be upset and disappointed. Your mind is not only about you but also someone else. You would think of him or her but you might not have a place in theirs. They are too busy seeking for another person. They even ignore your existence even if you’re just 3 meters apart from them. It hurts but the reality said so. That is exactly what Taichi feels right now. He did everything for Chihaya but her eyes is too blind to realize that. She is only looking at Arata and no one else. Their complicated love story is continued in Chihayafuru Part 2.

This part exactly continues the previous part. After winning the competition and become Tokyo’s representative in National competition, Taichi decides to accompany Chihaya to visit Arata. Both of them worry him because they heard Arata stops playing Karuta. The news is right, for months, Arata is never playing after his grandfather passed away. He thrown away every single memory about her father, even Karuta. Arata is lost. He feels like there is no reason for him to play Karuta. Arata’s change is disappointed Chihaya, and also Taichi. They are back to Tokyo, and preparing the team for the next competition.

a battle with the Queen
[/media-credit] a battle with the Queen

In preparation, Nikuman said that Shinobu Wakamiya is the the strongest Karuta Queen in Japan right now. She is also still in high school, and more importantly she is close enough with Arata. Knowing that, Chihaya is planning to be stronger and challenge her. Her real purpose is just to reminding Arata how interesting Karuta is. Chihaya joins many competitions by herself. She changes her play drastically just to beat the queen up. However, it is not good for the team. Taichi believes that Karuta is team playing so he lets Chihaya walk away from the team and practice alone, like before. Days after, Chihaya realized her mistakes. She comes back to the team and practice together again until the competition began. In the middle of competition, Chihaya got fever and fall unconscious. However, the team still win the game. Tsukue even got his first winning. It makes her realize that she is not alone and even can rely on the team. Secretly, Arata came and see Chihaya’s and Taichi’s game. It created a new spirit in him. Now, he has found his reason to play Karuta.


Like the first part, Chihayafuru Part 2 is just good. There is no another reason to not watch this film. The soundtrack, the visual and the tone are enjoyable and relaxing. The pacing is not to fast or slow, just good. The setbacks are there sre some parts that need more exploration, especially if it is related to the Queen. There is no enough information about her except how good she is in Karuta. I know it would need longer duration to put it in, but the story can be better. Ah, I don’t know it can be true or not but I will be very excited if there is another sequel for it. But, sorry, for the second part, it is not as good as the previous one.

Producers : Yoshio Nakayama, Minami Ichikawa
Directors : Norihiro Koizumi
Writers : Norihiro Koizumi
Starring : Suzu Hirose, Shuhei Nomura, Mackenyu, Mayu Matsuoka, Mone Kamishiraishi

Overall Rating: 4.4 of 5

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