Pete’s Dragon, When the Watchful Dragon Got Real 


Do you believe in something magical? Like, you know, unicorn, dragon or Pegasus? I bet you will call me childish when I say I believe those animals are real. I bet you will call me crazy when you know I always like to imagine I fly with a Pegasus, become a forest ranger and talk to dragon every time I want. Those may be nonsense but exciting. When I was a child, I always get up in the morning and run through the forest. I hope that every time I get there I will see something unimaginable. But, I used to get rid of that when I grew up. Now, I tend to think more logical and make sense. I start thinking that imagination sucks. But, Disney help me out of it. The current favor they do for me is making the tale story titled Pete’s Dragon.

The film starts when Pete and his family are going for a holiday. Everything runs well until a deer go across the road. The car he used got crashed. His parents passed away and leave him alone in the unknown forest. He scared and terrified but something magical take care of him. Something that we call a dragon help him up and raise him for about 6 months. Pete never met any person before Natalie and his mother, Grace, find him. Pete tries to run away, but Gavin, Jack’s brother, accidentally knocks him unconscious. Grace took him into hospital and brought him out of forest. He left Elliot, a dragon which take care of him for the past six years, alone. Elliot looks around the forest and ends up knocking over a tree near the lumber camp. It leads Gavin and his co-workers to hold a hunting party to figure out what happens in the forest.

Friend with Natalie and Pete
[/media-credit] Friend with Natalie and Pete

In a hospital, Pete escapes and run away from Grace. But, Grace finds Pete and convinces him to come live with her by promising to take him to the forest. In the next day, Grace took Natalie and Pete to the forest. She also asked her father, who also believes there is a dragon. Pete asked them to locate Elliot’s tree-house. Because of Pete, Elliot reveals show up in the front of them. At the first sight, Grace, Natalie and Mr. Meacham are terrified with what they see. It goes easier when Elliot treats Natalie like Pete. Surprisingly, a group of hunters led by Gavin tranquilize Elliot, and locking him up in Jack’s warehouse. Natalie and Pete free Elliot up and let him go with the Mr. Meacham’s help. Gavin chases the lumber and cause an accident in the bridge. The bridge collapse and cause Grace and Jack’s truck to fall through. Elliot saves them and since that, Gavin stops to search for a tale dragon in the forest.


Pete’s Dragon seems to continue live-action winning streak. Disney are successfully bring a Dragon to life but without leaving its sweet and charm. For me, it is similar like the live action of How to Train Your Dragon, beautiful and full of imagination. Pete’s Dragon is really made for children. The setbacks are in the pace. The climax cannot  your heartbeat  fluttering. It is just like a toll; straight, easy and cliche. Good for children but boring for older audiences.

Producer : James Whitaker
Directors :  David Lowery    
Writers : Toby Halbrooks, David Lowery        
Staring : Oakes Fegley, Bryce Dallas Howard, Oona Laurence, Wes Bentley   

Overall Rating: 4.0 of 5

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