Ouija Board is Creepy, These 3 Reasons Will Tell You Why


Try to reach dead people is spooky. But sometimes, we need it to keep in touch with our loved ones. The living cannot contact the dead and vice versa, so it takes a special medium to make it happen. One of them is by Ouija Board. People can ask anything and spirit will answer. Even though it is scary, Ouija enables some people to have one more chance to express their true feeling. It is simple actually, but sometimes, people are not courage enough to do that. If people are afraid of losing contact with the spirit, I am more afraid of looking some of them. I would prefer to let them go rather than call them back just for talking for a couple of minutes.

First of all, the history of Ouija started when Hasbro trademarked it in 1991. But before that, it was introduced on July 1, 1890 by businessman Elijah Bond. After that, it becomes more popular along with the American obsession with spiritualism. In 1886, during the war, some soldiers in Ohio camp also used a flat board with the alphabet written in two arced rows and a straight line of numbers, from 0 to 9. The words “YES” and “NO” appear in the uppermost corners and “GOODBYE” is written at the bottom. It looks similar with Ouija, and the functions does, to help to contact with the spirits.

OK. Enough with the introduction, if you feel playing Ouija is not scary, I think you should read this post.

1. Scientists Do not Believe in Spirits. Ouija is just a Psychological Effect Phenomenon

Playing Ouija is simple. What you need to do is just place your fingers on the pointer (or planchette) and let the “spirits” move it over the letters and numbers on the board. The letters and the numbers are the message. It looks like there is mystical forces that move the pointer but scientists refuse to believe it. In science, facts, logic and knowledge are everything. Scientists ignore something they cannot see, including spirits. So how can they explain the strange pointer movement in Ouija Board?

It simply an ideomotor effect. In other words, people move something without their conscious mind realizing it. There is a scientific journal that inspect this phenomenon and its relation in Ouija. You can see original text here. In case you are to lazy to read, let me help you to understand.

Conducted by University of Columbia in 2012, the experiment asked the subject to answer “yes” or “no” questions both verbally and with a Ouija board. The result showed if the participants were unsure about the answer, they answered correctly 65 percent by using Ouija, of the time compared to just 50 percent correct when responding verbally. It implies that we move the pointer or the planchette by ourselves, because deep in our mind, we want it the most. We just do not realize it. We “allow” our unconscious mind to take control our hand movement. And we thank the spirit about it!

Do not play it alone
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