Keep in Touch with The Dead Loved One with Ouija: The Origin Of Evil


Most of the time, we are too shy to express our true feeling to someone until she or he passed away. Sometimes, we do not have enough courage to just say “I Love You”, “You are Beautiful”, “I Care about You” or something like that. We are just too stiff to admit that we need someone. When the time for saying that is over, it is the exact time we realize we’re dumb. We have wasted our time for lying and becoming so arrogant. Time is irreversible. When time decide to take our loved one, we do not have such an ability to claim it back. We are nothing compared with time and always are. What’s left is just regret and their spirit. Normally, talking to the death people is impossible, unless we have Ouija Board. If you want to know how it works, Ouija: The Origin of Evil will be helpful for you.

The story is about the life of Alice Zander and her two daughters. She is a fortune teller who works for living. Her job requires her to use her ability to communicate with the the death people. In every “show”, her daughters, Lina and Doris, help her to give real intent to the visitors. Getting bored of mystical stuff, Lina suggests Alice to have Ouija Board.¬†Alice Zander then¬† thought to incorporate the game in her readings, by rigging it with magnets. For the first, Alice and Doris use the board to contact, Roger, who died in the car accident few years ago. She also have used it for good by letting people to say something they cannot say. But, she does not realize that her doing will result in something she does not completely understand. Unknowingly, Doris uses the board alone and contacts a number of spirits, not just her father, every night. Since that, Doris started to be a vessel for some death spirit in her house.

Let her be cute little girl
[/media-credit] Let her be cute little girl

Day by day, Doris changed into someone else. She is be able to write in cursive even though Father Tom did not teach her to so. Not only that, Doris started to write in Polish. She told Father Tom that she had a friend to that. Doris kept to use Ouija Board until one night, she felt pain in her neck. Her neck hurts without any reason. Feeling worry about Doris’ condition, Father Tom came to Alice’s house. He told them he need help to contact his wife, Gloria. But, it is just an alibi to tell the the truth. Doris’ Polish writing told about a scary story about sadistic doctor who conducted human experiments inside the house’s basement. Father Tom were suggesting an exorcism for Doris. But, it was too late. Doris has killed Lina’s boyfriend started a terror throughout the house. The only way to stop Doris is just sewing her mouth shut and Lina has to do that to save her life.


As a horror film, Ouija: The Origin of Evil, the ghoul has very limited time on screen. It just appears for minutes but it is enough to scare the audiences. The good is the story line. It starts slow just to show “how to use Ouija Board” stuffs. However, it makes the overall story easier to follow. Also, Doris has to be credited for the role. For the first, she is just a cute little girl but it turns to be evil because she allows the spirit to channel her. The setbacks is the film is lack of horror elements. In horror, ghost, ghouls and terror are essential but, like what I say before, it just appear in couple of minutes. Also, it is somehow predictable and cliche because Ouija: The Origin of Evil use almost the same “formula of horror.”

Producers : Michael Bay, Bradley Fuller, Andrew Form, Jason Blum, Brian Goldner, Stephen Davis, Trevor Macy
Directors : Mike Flanagan
Writers : Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard
Starring : Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, Lulu Wilson, Henry Thomas, Parker Mack, Doug Jones

Overall Rating4.0 of 5

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