Celebrate Shocking Trump’s Victory in U.S Election with These Cool Memes

Trump on "Attack on Titans"

Congratulations for Trumps and his supporters. Congratulations for Republican and all white US people. In this night, 11/10/2016 Jakarta Time, Donald Trump wins the presidential election. He becomes the 45th president of the most powerful nation in the world. No one ever predict his win. Every poll run against him. He never win a survey until reality turn down the survey result. Donald Trump should deserves better. With his controversial talks and thoughts, he shows America can be big again in the future. However, many people respond it with an open arm. Many people doubt his character and his leadership capabilities.

Donald Trump, the Manhattan billionaire, playboy, stiffed contractors and vendors, are now the president-elect of United States. Before the official announcement, news media, the pollsters and Republican elites never imagine how Trump can beat Clinton in the election. FYI, Trump never gets involved in government or military. He had zero experience in that. But, It makes him ignores many old and strict political rules. Instead, He speaks what people want to hear in plain, honest and sometimes, ego and arrogance. He disregard data-driven campaign strategy, consultants, focus groups and TV commercials. Instead, he believes in his gut and his messages.

Thanks to Electoral College System. With this strange and ineffective system, Donald Trump can be the winner even though he is less popular than Hillary Clinton.

In 2012, Trump said this when Obama win the election, he seems to be grateful to have such a system.

The reaction toward Trump’s victory are vary. Some people hate him but many people put their faith on him. Social Media record many people’s response of his win, especially Instagram. Some accounts support him, but some of them also disrespect him. If you want to see some cool memes of Trump’s win, here are the list for you.

1. People Should Not Response exaggeratedly, The Simpson Series have Predicted It Before


2. Americans Deserve A Much Better President Candidates

He's got my vote #wayneforpresident #brucewayne #i'mbatman #batman

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